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Tucson GMRS Association

General Info

We are the Tucson GMRS Association, a 501(c)(3) public charity promoting the GMRS radio service throughout the southwest. We are an open group that does not charge membership dues and are entirely donation supported. Donations are always appreciated and are much needed to continue operation and expansion of our systems and the community it supports; if you would like to chip in, please see the following page: Donate

There are a number of locations at which which you will find useful information.

  • For our online community and events, you're in the right spot.
  • For TGA authored information, write-ups, and public facing information, see our website at: tucsongmrs.org
  • We operate six linked repeaters in Arizona, which together with privately owned repeaters in New Mexico, Phoenix, and Sierra Vista form the Southwest Community Radio System (SWCRS); for information on these repeaters, see the SWCRS website at: swcrs.org

Who we are:

  1. David A., WQVS960 / K6DSA - Founder, Director, President, and Secretary
  2. Darren C., WRCU527 / K7VLL - Director, Vice President, and Treasurer
  3. Bill S., WQXE928 / KG7HHG - Director
  4. and, the over a thousand registered GMRS operators like you who contribute to the great community we have on the air every day!

If you have any questions, please send us an email at info@tucsongmrs.org or post on this forum.

If you are currently unlicensed but are interested, please post in the myGMRS guest forum: https://forums.mygmrs.com/forum/15-guest-forum/



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