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  1. I have always felt that we do not need laws for this. We need people to think about reasonable actions. Such as not using a radio while you are driving on an icy curvy road at night time. It seems like lawmakers feel that we need laws in place of reasonable thinking. At least there are proper exemptions in place. For phone texting and driving, that is a significant threat to others.
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  2. It's not perfect, but 100% a step in the right direction. Like I said earlier... In a situation of a GMRS user, I doubt many law enforcement officers would waste their time to see if you have a license or what service you are using. It would defeat the spirit of the law. Of course, that is just my opinion. Also, the law states that licensed hams are exempt. It does not say they are exempt only on ham bands/gear. So Hams can legally use their GMRS gear. It's really easy to get an amateur radio license. My wife was a Code Tech at 11, and I have talked to several kids that are 9 to 11 that have their Extra class license. If it is a desire, someone can simply get a GMRS and Amateur license and then it's not an issue. Amateur radio does have better lobbying power... but Amateur Radio operators and the community at large has been, and continues to help the US, State and local governments since the late 1800's. They are a widely recognized part of the emergency response community in this country, and many others. So it make sense that State governments have exemptions that would normally only extend to law enforcement and emergency responders. A great example of that is, in Virginia, Amateur radio operators can have and use emergency strobe lights in their vehicles. We have to use amber and/or white... but that exemption was made.
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