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  1. 462.6750MHz has no activity for the last two days only the DTMFs couple of time a minute. The regulars have moved on to 462.600MHz.
  2. That sounds like the movie "The Bank Job" where an amateur overhears the robbers and informs police...
  3. Thanks will check the site out. I have gotten hold of some study guide from KB6NU Dan Romanchik and installed the android app called ARRL Ham Test Prep app from the Play Store, which works like a flash card test.
  4. Here is a transcript of the entire loop: "Attention, operation of the KAZ0353 KAG0353 repeater operating on the 462.675 Mhz; your system is working without any transmit tones. This is a shared frequency, you must operate with a transmit tone, so other repeaters can operate on this frequency. The FCC does not protect operators from interferance on GMRS who do not share. This station WQWQ482 will not cease to transmiting on this frequency until KAZ0353 KAG0353 reconfigures his repeater transmitter so other stations can operate on this frequency." Today the recorded loop stopped. Instead some DTMF tones are getting looped every 30 secs or so. It is always something wierd on this frequency around here Edit: someone pointed out that call sign was transcribed wrong it should be KAG0353 not KAZ0353. Thats why using phonetics are so important on radio comms.
  5. Hi and welcome, I am new to GMRS and this forum as well. Wondering what study guide/materials are you using for your amateur tech and general license test. Best, radio1
  6. Don't know what is going on but today all day and night there is a recorded message on the loop every few minutes. I have attached mp3 of the recording. edit: missing word record201704130035152.mp3
  7. Hi everyone, Recently got my license. Have been listening to my local Long Island repeater on 462.6750MHz for last few months and there is this one annoying person who blocks up the entire channel at times more than half a day simply playing key tones, recently music and rebroadcasting random stuff. There are veteran users who are super annoyed and it really boggles my mind that this is apparently have been happening for years! Is there nothing anyone can do to stop such non-sense? First of all 462.6750MHz is listed as "Unofficial emergency/traveler assistance channel (PL 141.3)" second it flouts all rules on the book. Wondering if a few local folks can track this offender down by his power output and directional antennas and triangulating his position.
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