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  1. Radioditty sent me a GM-30 to review. I’m going to review ur thoroughly, but here are some of the quick highlights. It’s a cheap CCR GMRS, designed to complete against the BTech GMRS-V1 and, must say, it does that quite wells. While not a superheterodyne receiver, it still receives quite well and I was able yo receive my GMRS node on a linked network a few miles away from home. Audio sounds fine Abe it received good audio reports both on my node and through a regular repeater. Doing a parrot so I could here the simplex audio for myself sounded decent. Of course, it also receive VHF (2m amateur, NWS, etc). One of the big pluses is that it has USB-C recharging built right into the batteries, which recharge quickly turn last a good amount of time. I’m very happy with this GM-30, which should be granted Part 95 soon as it was just submitted recently. FCCID : 2AJGM-GM30 As my main GMRS HT is a Motorola XTS5000, I’m looking forward to using this much lighter age smaller GMRS HT often.
  2. Do you have a balcony? I’m in an apartment, but have a balcony. I just ran LMR400 (several) and put my antennas out there, lol. I figured it was better to ask for forgiveness than pernission. Landlord did ask what they were and I explained amateur radio and GMRS. (I used angle telling her it’d still work if power and all else lost, which would as I have backup power.) She thought it was neat and even asked if I could setup some wireless bridges on rooftop (two buildings here) for their IP cameras. Easy peasy! Hoping to get brownie points and maybe sweet talk her into letting me set my antennas up there, lol. I’d put them in center roof, where can’t be seen from ground, so nobody could see, else might be seen as “tenant favoritism”. Even though, my landlord loves me, anyway. Mainly because I’m a veteran and she loves all veterans. I’m not complaining. :-)
  3. IIRC, there is a checkbox in chirp to enable scanning. Then, as you wrote, just turn to CH16. Works here...
  4. I’ve heard different acendotes on this, but looking for what actually FCC regulations: are GMRS repeaters required to identify every 15 minutes even if there is no traffic? I know amateur repeaters are, every 10, regardless of traffic or not. Have elected tower site for GMRS and eventually (no rush) may enact a a GMRS repeater. (40W). Read acecotes saying yes and no, but interested more in actual GMRS FCC regs. Planing quality equipment, duplexers. Feedline. If ID is needed. No problems will add ID controller. System looking at is a Bridgecom and duplexers. Antenna will be masted at 50’, highest I can possibly go. It won’t be at my residence, but relatives on hilltop overlooking city skyline. I’ll be monitoring it from my home and ?can remotely “kill” it. Most uses would be family, but will be completely open for public general use. Thsvks!
  5. Forgot about this thread, lol. I’ve been just using the amp for amateur (have a 220 one also), while looking at picking up a Kenwood Mobile GMRS unit soon. Have a 1/4 wave 450-470 MHz antenna outside that works fine (low SWR, ok receive). Might get a Kenwood GMRS HT also and just give the GMRS-V1 to brother. Family members were wanting to use it too since they are covered under my license...
  6. These amps are Part 90 Type Accepted. I know, Part 95 is actually required, but how many repeaters are Part 95? I asked this question to Bridgecom and they replied that Part 90 requirements are tighter than Part 95, anyway. I’ve used my amp a few times on channels that allow to to 50W. Not that I was able to make a contact anyway as GMRS is crickets around here. As such, I have a node on a GMRS linked network. If it weren’t for the GMRS network, I would’ve paid $70 to talk to crickets.
  7. Hello, That’s the one I was mentioning in my other post. Thanks!
  8. There is a new GMRS HT now taking advantage of this feature. I was just released. I believe it is a Motorola (?). I think it allows you to use your iPhone to enter text, sendts ur to radio, then goes out as RF. Sends GPS data to. Kinda interesting. Believe it is $100. Can’t remember if it’s for one unit or two, but interesting it’s starting to developer. Like said, it could be useful for S&R. I have no plans on picking one up myself, but maybe later as better ones elvolve they could get interesting. It doesn’t use APRS, but a protocol similar to it, but for GMRS. I want to say it’s a Motorola Talkabout...
  9. Nice.. I'll keep that in mind as well..
  10. Hello, Oh, no problem. No "downer" here as I'm aware height is might. I suppose I should've started by stating my intentions of use and what I'm hoping to get out of it -- simply coverage to family members that are all within five miles. There isn't much obstruction around between I and them and I'm on the highest ground. If anyone else, under the small footprint, wants to use it, thats ok too...
  11. Thank you for the detailed reply.
  12. Thinking about setting up a GMRS repeater. Seems to be many paths, but any opinions on the following: Seems one relatively simple “off the shelf” parts could be: RT-FDR1 Controller RT-CWID1 Identifier (Or ID-O-Matic? Or Even a Raspberry Pi approach?) I’ll be getting a six cavity Duplexer and tuning it for 462.725/467.725. Radios: Likeky will get a TK-8180 for TX, but for RX, have a couple TH-9800’s that could be used. Antenna: Already have a GMRS 1/4 wave antenna masted at 45’. Cables: Seen that connection cables are available for the RT-FDR1 for both the TH-9800 and TK-8180. Thought about this for a little while and even consider getting a Bridgecom repeater system and Duplexer, but of course looking at less cost. TH-9800/TK-8180 obviously isn’t as nice as a Bridgecom repeater System, but also at least isn’t just a couple of cheap HT’s thrown up in a tree either. TH-9800 isn’t the best RX radios, but figured since have a spare could try it out. Opinions on the RT-FDR1+RT-CWID1 combo? Also, may be linking this with Asterisk_rpt (HamVoIP) to a GMRS network, so a RPi will be in play. Perhaps just use that for ID’ing? Total cost for this project, I’m thinking will be just around $500 to $600, I’m thinking. That’s do-able... Thanks
  13. Now that the FCC has allowed GMRS to have the ability for the “transmission of limited data applications such as text messaging and GPS location information”, is anyone using such features? Is there a protocol that has been standardized, similar to APRS, or is it left to each manufacturer to have their own protocol? (Hopefully there is a standardized protocol.) Anyone actually even using these features? Are there any GMRS transceivers on the market yet taking advantage of this? Hmm. Wondering if this could be used over linked GMRS networks as well? Just curious... Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I have a couple 8180’s on my watch list. I see they have a DB9 Port on the back which could be really useful (URI). I did get a GMRS-V1 as that was a given...
  15. Anyone using a Bridgecom Repeater (and duplexer) for GMRS? I have some resources coming and was considering putting up a repeater. (I have a good location for it. Not where I live, but family on hilltop overlooking the city.). I was thinking about going the amateur 1.25m (220) route at first, but now considering GMRS as it’ll likely get more use and would be open to some of the folks I have in mind (mainly family). I plan on having it completely open for public access. Bridgecom just caught my eye and was curious if anyone is using one of their repeater/duplexer products. I have a BCH-220 (1.25m) HT from Bridgecom and if that’s any indication, then their repeater/duplexer products should be good as well. Their customer support also seems to be very responsive. Thanks...
  16. This is an old thread, so I don’t know if you did get the 50X2, but just wanted to throw out that it’s known to blow its finals. Apparently, the finals used are for portables, not mobiles. There were quite a few threads about this from folks who blew their finals. I’m not saying not that purchase it, but just be aware. Look at the “BTech UV-5X3 and UV-50X2” group on FB. I’ve been there a while, mainly for the 5X3. I don’t know your limit, but a Mobile radio that has a Big Bang for the buck is the Kenwood TM-V71A. $380, however has very nice receive and receives many bands, other than just amateur. Take a look at the specs. It even has EchoLink (including sysop mode) onboard. If money is limited, maybe a TYT TH-9800. It’s a clone of the Yaesu 8900. It’s a gamble because you don’t get support like you would from Yaesu, so if something drastic should go wrong, you’d have to RMA to China. I’ve had two of these 9800’s for two years, however, and they remained fine. I use one in the car, one inside. I’ve worked 6m on it nicely, along with 2m/70cm, obviously. My inside one is also capable of APRS, using a SignaLink USB and appropriate cables. (Could move it to the car easily to give it APRS if wanted to.) Anyway, just throwing that out. My next Mobile is going to be an Alinco DR-235, which I plan on using for my AllStar node. (I’m a 220, 1.25m, “fan”, having a Bridgecom BCH-220, two UV-5X3’s, 220 amp, and a 220 coppper j-pole outside.) Good luck..
  17. This is my (only) GMRS HT as well. Likewise, would’ve liked to had seen full 5W on the GMRS channels, but overall it’s a decent GMRS HT. I’ve been receiving good audio reports with it. It’s incredibly simple to use. Speaker sounds loud to me and I’m hearing impaired to the point of wearing HA’s. I like the 82 for factor over the 5R form factor. Basically, it’s a crippled UV-82 in order to get Part 95 Type Acceptance. Works for me. I use my Otto V2-10030 speaker/mic not only with my amateur HT’s (ones with K2 port, anyway), but also this GMRS-V1. Is like to see a GMRS-V2 that puts out full allowed power...
  18. I heard some kids playing with FRS, likely bubblepacks, that they received for birthday. I knew it was a birthday gift because they said it was. I just listened until they faded away in a few days. Batteries probably dried out and now their little WT’s are thrown into a drawer where they will be soon forgotten. There are probably millions of these buubepack WT’s sitting in drawers, collecting dust. They are good for car convoying, as long as the cars stay close..
  19. Blah, I’ve seen those before - but pass. (I wasn’t looking at it for GMRS.) As already said above, it’s not Part 95, so it can only be used for amateur (in the US, anyway). The reason I passed, however, is because the price and it looks like junk. Plus, being that small, how long can the battery really last? Baofeng has the mini one noted above. I do have one of those KD-C1 mini HT’s that I got from Amazon for $18. It doesn’t have a screen (I didn’t want a screen anyway). Fits fine in a shirt pocket. I mainly just use it with my TH-9800’s when I have one of them in crossband repeat (rarely). I used 2m fine with it, crossbanding from 70cm. I haven’t got on a 70cm repeater with it, but don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I had to Google for the (Windows) OEM software to program it. (I use Macs, but run a Win7 VM under VMWare for all the Win radio software.) Battery life was better than expected. There are several “branders” of those KD-C1 mini’s and also the Zastone X6 which appears to be the same exact radio with just a different name... You can get two of those KD-C1 or X6 mini’s for just a few bucks more than that little mini in the eBay listing... Yeah, it’s one of the thousands of misleading eBay listings. eBay isn’t going to do anything. At the end of the day, it’s our (GMRS) responsibility not to transmit on non-Accepted transmitters. It can be deduced by just looking at the specs that it isn’t Part 95...
  20. Yeah, it’s like repeaters - most are Part 90 and fall into gray area. (Actual devices designed to be repeaters, that is.) I have a BTech GMRS-V1 now, but still just keeping an eye out on Part 95 mobiles. Likely I’ll be getting two Mobiles at the same time, one for myself, another for family down the road. That was really my main reason for buying a GMRS license anyway...
  21. Hello, This will likely, unintentionally, open a can of worms, but what is the general concencous of using one of BTech’s new UHF amplifiers for use with a Part 95 Type Accepted HT such as the BTech GMRS-V1 (which I’m purchasing next week). I do have their BTech 1.25m (220) amp that I use with my Bridgecom BCH-220 1.25m HT, in addition to a SignaLink USB, and a copper J-Pole. I’m running this as an 1.25m (220) EchoLink node (actually I plan converting it to AllStar eventually). I’m also planning to pick up a BTech Digital UHF amp as well for my DMR radios. I do have a few MMDVM hotspots, but sometimes like to go on the nearest actual DMR repeater, which is going to need this amp. Now. Taking off my “amateur hat” and putting on my “GMRS hat”, I’m left wondering if this BTech UHF would work with the BTech GMRS-V1. Technically, it would as the specifications state that GMRS frequencies will be amplified. Legally, however, is the can of worms. The BTech GMRS-V1 is Part 95 Type Accepted for GMRS, but I don’t believe the amp is. (?). Thoughts?
  22. Nice! Those can be found, brand new, for less than the Midland and it’s a brand I know having a TH-D74A. I’ll still compare, but that’ll likely be the Mobile I’ll go with. Thanks!
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