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  1. GMRS and Amateur radio are different. Amateur has lots of bands and open for experimentation. It is a hobby. For regular communication it may not be the best. I find it more challenging to encourage others to talk on the amateur bands about subjects other than radios. My experience is that radios are the main topic. Outside of that it is challenging to go into other topics with others. When you do get into a conversation outside of radios it can be rewarding. I have made some good friends on the air. GMRS to me is much better for those who wish to use it for its intended purpose of communication. When on the GMRS side, it is a tool. The focus is the person in the other end and the purpose of the conversation. I really enjoyed participating in ham studying sessions on the GMRS band. Yes, the topic is radio related, but the main focus is in education of others not how much power and antenna types with a 599 report. During covid those sessions brought a lot of people together.
  2. I have been to the radio astronomy facility onsite in 1994. When I was there, we went from the office area to the radio telescopes is diesel buses. Diesel engines do not have spark plugs. There was a big sign prohibiting gasoline engines past a gate.
  3. A few comments to address here. Previously I stated "I understand that there is no expectation of privacy in GMRS". Commercial Radios: Thank you for the comment above, commercial radios may offer that option, but I am not seeking privacy. The use case is a remediation method that makes it more difficult for malicious activity to reach two radio users during a conversation. I am not talking about kids using a bubble pack radio as a toy. I am referencing a radio user honing in on the context of the conversation and interrupting with creepy and objectionable comments. The use case (rarely needed) sets up predefined TX and RX pairs that can be switched a few times until the two radio users are in contact with each other via cell phone or in person. Think hiking or camping in an area without cell phone connectivity and a radio user out there is potentially a threat (preferably just an annoyance). Regarding the repeater input comment. Others may try that, but it is not permitted in the use case that I describe. I am referencing a simplex conversation. The repeater inputs are used for repeater contacts and part of a conversation to a wider audience.
  4. Good Point! Three or more radios turns this idea upside-down. Any thoughts on scaling up to more users?
  5. HYS makes a Bluetooth connector for Wouxun Radios. I have a set for the Wouxun KG-805G. They cost as much as the radio. Do not expect any support from HYS. I had to return one due to an issue with pairing. I use them for sporting applications. They are okay, but see my warning above on support -- it is non-existent. Hold onto the manual, it is not available online. Search for the following. HYS Bluetooth Headset with PTT Rechargeable Wireless Finger PTT and Ear Piece with Mic for Baofeng Kenwood 2Pin Connector Suitable for Cycling and Outdoor Sports
  6. All, Has anyone set up their radios to operate on simplex using split frequency and tone operation? I wrote up a use case here: https://007qbranch.wordpress.com/2021/02/28/split-frequency-operation-on-gmrs/ Basically, two radios are independently set up to transmit and receive on different channels and tones. The reasoning is to make it so that outside listeners hear only one side of the conversation, and it makes it harder for them to interfere with an ongoing conversation. I understand that there is no expectation of privacy in GMRS. A user can make it harder for outsiders to interfere with a conversation by removing context (one sided conversations) and the quick ability to scan tones and interfere. Assume in this use case that both channels are checked for the presence of others before starting a conversation. The example below illustrates the programming for two Wouxun KG-805G radios. Radio One Program Setup | Radio Slot | Radio Receive | Radio Decode | Radio Transmit | Radio Encode || ---------- | ------------- | ------------ | -------------- | ------------ || 39 | Channel 3 | DN174 | Channel 6 | DN205 | Radio Two Program Setup | Radio Slot | Radio Receive | Radio Decode | Radio Transmit | Radio Encode || ---------- | ------------- | ------------ | -------------- | ------------ || 39 | Channel 6 | DN205 | Channel 3 | DN174 |
  7. Perhaps the answer to the main question is this: Asking for permission to use someone’s property is the polite thing to do in a civil society. There are rights and responsibilities in life.
  8. How popular is GMRS with the people that you communicate on a regular basis? I think that is the important thing to consider. Think locally. Out here, my girlfriend and I get a lot of use in non-cellular areas. We also find it easier to use for a quick call while in a store. I like GMRS because it is not amateur radio (I am licensed in amateur radio). GMRS gives us some utility that the whole family can use beyond what amateur can offer. GMRS roots are commercial. Amateur is great, but it is more hobby centric in my opinion. I have used both services in an emergency situation. I am glad to have both licenses.
  9. You may want to remove the PL tones from your message so that casual Internet searchers do not uncovered this information from the post. They should be contacting the repeater owners or registering to see the PL tone.
  10. Pete Based on your license address the SeaTac repeater association repeater may be your best bet. It has a very wide coverage. This is a newer repeater than the Seattle repeaters. I think what repeater owners do is look at the existing repeaters in the PL tones and they choose a different PL tone so they do not cause interference.
  11. Knowing hams, he was shopping for a pair of gloves.
  12. I have always felt that we do not need laws for this. We need people to think about reasonable actions. Such as not using a radio while you are driving on an icy curvy road at night time. It seems like lawmakers feel that we need laws in place of reasonable thinking. At least there are proper exemptions in place. For phone texting and driving, that is a significant threat to others.
  13. All I read a statement earlier from the FCC. My assumption that all states have an exemption is not correct. The FCC states that their rules do not preempt state law. https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DA-19-997A1.pdf
  14. Same for the distracted driving laws in many states. Amateur, CB, and two way radios are exempted in many if not all states.
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