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  1. I have all the gear. Trying to program a couple local repeaters.
  2. Anybody in the NOVA area that would be down to program my radio for me. I'm getting quite feed up with it dumping the settings from chirp as soon as I go to test. Will even consider paying for it.
  3. Thanks to both of you all your help is much appreciated I am getting contact with the repeater that is local to me.
  4. I looked through that and was still confused. This radio is not very user friendly.
  5. I know that the radio has repeater channels pre-programmed but how do I put the tones for the repeater in so that i can talk on it?
  6. Hey everyone, I am new to GMRS radio usage and programming repeaters into the radio. I have a B-tech GMRS V 1 (I know there are better options but this was the only radio in my price range). I am looking for help on how to program the repeaters on the allocated repeater channels. I also use CHIRP for programming. TIA
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