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  1. I have a Baofeng UV-5R and a UV-5RE Plus. They both seem to work as intended. I figured they would be cheap replacements for my ageing FT-50R. I had low expectations of their performance due to the price so I am not dissapointed. Just wish they would cover AM Aircraft. I can say this, if its at all possible to ditch the stock antenna, do it. It seems to make a big differance.
  2. I wanted to drop a quick note too and say that I had tried to sign up. Must have went through a black hole or something. I am also in Minneapolis/St Paul area and was looking for access to Metro4 as well. Anyone hear from the LAG admins lately?
  3. Hi Gang, My first post, long time lurker. Not sure if this should be a seperate topic. I noticed in my area (Minneapolis/St Paul) that a number of small companies are on FRS/GMRS shared Freqs. And even on the freqs that I thought were FRS only. Our local reniassance festival is doing this. I brought out my cheapie bubble wrap FRS radio because I suspected they were doing this and sure enough, they were. Discussion point, if there are only FRS freqs, is it just ignorance? Or are they trying to get by as cheap as possible?
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