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  1. Putting a repeater on the air shortly. Im looking for recommendations for an antenna. Im looking at the comet or the diamond . Both are rated at about 5.5 db gain. Also have seen a phelps dodge station master for 250 dollars. Not sure if its worth it though. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Jim. I obtained a motorola gr1225 repeater off ebay for 125.00 which appears new! I have two others running on uhf ham with no issues. They are great machines. I am looking for a good antenna for the gmrs repeater. Do you have any recommendations? Dosent seem like alot of choices. I have a uhf ham comet base antenna I am thinking about trying to trim some off to make it resonant. At the repeater site we have alot of trees behind our location. I was also considering a yagi and focusing it into the general area we want to cover. Im just not sure how that would do. As far as portables etc, so far I have a motorola maxtrac for the house and probably use a yagi to aim towards the repeater wjich is anout 3 mi away. I am considering gp300 motorolas for ht's or ht1000. I think these will be better than the bubble pack junkers. So whats your thoughts on antennas? Thanks.
  3. I am a new to gmrs and am in the process of setting up a repeater in my area. I am looking for a cheap set of radios my kids can use around the house that will work with this repeater. Does motorola make a bubble pack set thats fairly cheap? Does anyone have any other recomendations for radios? Thanks
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