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  1. Yes, but neither of the two radios will go into "Program Mode" and there's only one way of initiating it. They would just be sent back with advice that they're in need of repair, which I already know. What would be better is if I could find a shop that will still take a look at them.
  2. I'm bumping this to see if anyone experienced with using or working on the old VX-500 may have some input.
  3. Well, neither of the pair will do this, so I'll surmise that they're bricked until I can find someone who knows enough about them that may know what needs to be repaired on them.
  4. Additionally, I understand that these radios need not be connected to a computer to be placed into "Program" mode. Merely pressing the correct buttons while turning the radio on is supposed to place it in "Program" mode. Thanks.
  5. Hello Unit 997 and thanks for replying. Yes, actually that's what I was originally instructed to do. Use a fully charged new battery. Place the radios on channel 1, press "MON" and "PTT" buttons simultaneously while turning the radios on. Instead of getting the "PROG" on the display as it should, I get 4 squelch burst or "key-ups" with the display showing "CH01", "CH02", "CH03", "CH04" and a green LED blink respectively with each "key-up" and then immediately thereafter, I get 3 tones with a red LED blink on each tone and the display continuing to show "CH04" until I release the "MON" and "PTT" buttons. Once I release these buttons, the display scans "CH01" through "CH04" continuously.I can't get a radio shop to even peep at the radios. None I've contacted will even try to repair these older radios. I now have an old IBM DOS 6.22 computer that programs older radios usually without issue.
  6. Ok fellow operators, I need some help. I can't get these radios to go into program mode. They are Vertex VX-500x4 with DTMF pads installed. I guess that's what the x4 means. Anyway, holding the "MON" and "PTT" switches while turning the radios on is not working. Does anyone have any ideas or knowledge on this?
  7. Thanks for the info. I have the software and the radios came in new condition with manuals although, they aren't very friendly with the programming instructions at all. In viewing that particular cable, I realized it's one I've looked at. I'm hesitant on purchasing it because it says the phone plug is 3.5mm. That means it would have to connect to the earphone jack and in my research on the Vertex VX-500 HTs, I understood the programming jack to be the smaller mic jack which is the 2.5mm I believe. I hope I didn't misunderstand that. I may look that up again. There is one puzzling thing to me about these radios. I understand that to put them into program mode, you must depress and hold the "Monitor" button and the "PTT" button simultaneously while turning the radio on and the display should read "PROG". I haven't been able to achieve this on these radios. All I get is a moment of silence then it sounds like the radio keys up four times, changing the channel and blinking a green LED each time and then three, what sounds like to me, error tones with three simultaneous blinks of the red LED. After that, it just scans "CH01" through "CH04". I never see the "PROG" at all. I'm not experienced with this and it may be the program mode won't activate until I have a compatible cable and serial connection to a PC. I don't know. They seem like sturdy enough radios, perfect for GMRS.
  8. I have acquired a pair of brand new Yaesu Vertex VX-500 HTs to use with my GMRS system. I have since learned that an old DOS pc (386 or 486) with a very specific RIB-less cable is needed to program the things. No wonder these things are brand new! Finding access to a PC that old is nearly impossible. I checked with my local radio shop and learned from one of the techs that they barely know what GMRS is, let alone have the ability to do any programming with old equipment. It's a Moto geared shop and they only service the latest equipment. Does anyone know of an experienced shop or service I may get these programmed at? I will continue to try to locate a reasonably priced old PC but, it appears most that I've seen have very proud owners.
  9. Hello, I was using Windows 7 at the time. It may have been some sort of corruption because I haven't experienced it since March 25th.
  10. I've had to sign-in on the forum multiple times today, 3/25/2014. Is something wrong? I keep getting the following message: Sorry, you don't have permission for that! [#20310] Your secure key, used to verify you are posting the topic, did not match the one submitted. Please go back, reload the form, and try again.
  11. WOW! I just learned that even though you may get a good deal on a Motorola radio or repeater, it may not be a really good deal. $300 for the software to program these things! That's at least two times more than what you can get the radios for! WOW! I guess ICOM has spoiled me. That's a shame. I really like the Motorola product. What a lesson.
  12. Oh, okay. That is good information. I'd hate to make a fumble with it, in my learning, only to find I couldn't fix it. Thanks.
  13. Greetings Forum, I am contemplating purchasing the Motorola GR1225 UHF Repeater as my very first GMRS repeater. I want to purchase this to provide my subdivision with better quality GMRS communication abilities, while at the same time, learning about repeaters and antennas. Does anyone have any current or past experience with this repeater? What is your opinion of this repeater for a beginner? Thanks in advance for your comments.
  14. Hey Curtis, I found the Motorola MSF-5000 to be Part 95 certified. Good raves about this repeater/base all over the net.
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