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  1. I have changed mine a couple times and never had a problem, If your having an issue check the file type and size of the photo, "Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, webp · Max file size: 0.05MB"
  2. Yes Motorola's are good radios I used them for when I was in the police and fire department, but it's not as easy to get the software to program them unless you can get a shared copy.
  3. Just for a mobile unit for road and off road, The older commercial radios were built better and have better receive capability than the new stuff out there.
  4. Thanks for the info and I researched quite a bit and Motorola software is not easy to get, I'm also looking into the Kenwood TK880H UHF version2 which seems to be easier to get the CPS for
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for suggestions for what you all consider the best commercial UHF mobile and handheld radios that can be used for GMRS, also the easiest to acquire CPS software for programing, Thanks
  6. I made more contacts with the SCRUFF app
  7. TheNevilleKid

    My Stuff So Far :)

  8. What model Larson window antenna do you have there and do you have any problems with the defroster wires with reception?
  9. Yes the 805G is very simple to use that I gave mine to my 13 year old nephew and.......strike that.......I gave it to his father who holds a GMRS license But I love my 935G Plus much more
  10. Thanks for the compliment, Next spring, a level and 35's
  11. @OffRoaderX made me buy them, The radios not the Jeep
  12. If you want happiness for an hour take a nap, if you want happiness for a day drive a Jeep.....

  13. I ran across this in another forum: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ICOM-Model-IC-F221-UHF-Mobile-Radio/392403020141?hash=item5b5d0ae96d:g:fAcAAOSw0TxdXtti&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId From the info that I have read is that this model can be programmed for GMRS, I have used this radio alot it was in all of our company vehicles and seem to be a good mobile. I'm using a btech gmrs-v1 as of now but looking for something built to be more reliable as I'm on the road every day from site to site. Since I'm new to GMRS any help or suggestions will be much appreciative. Thanks
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