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  1. I love it when I randomly find myself back home! They even advertise our net. Rewind and watch the whole video. 73, wrcu527 Check out our GoFundMe for our next AZ/NM build out. Help out if you enjoy the GMRS network. https://gofund.me/04899bd8
  2. Hey 527 here with a reminder that this weekend is amateur winter field day. I recommend that we link up as much as reasonably possible and give users an opportunity to make some contacts over the weekend... QSO party! Please weigh in, make suggestions and key up! wrcu527 Darren in Tucson
  3. Yeah while field day is centered around amateur radio, I feel its a great opportunity to expose folks to the utility that GMRS offers. I've found a great community of like minded people around GMRS that may have never delved into amateur radio otherwise. I plan on activating 20 meters mainly and calling on the local GMRS repeaters for general conversation to learn what others are doing across the US. WQYM541 good luck on your trip! I hope to hear some of you on the air.
  4. I know this is GMRS focused, but field day is still very relevant. It's all radio after all. Saturday-Sunday 6/27-6/28. If you're a amateur radio operator, activate your station! If not, listen any way you can - HF, VHF, UHF or shortwave. GMRS: announce your call sign and "listening" or "monitoring". When you hear another station, start a QSO or conversation with someone you've never spoken to. Exchange names, locations and whats happening in your area. Log your contacts. Get out of your comfort zone, call CQ. If no one talks, start talking! I'm hoping that we will have the MyGMRS linking initiative up and running over the weekend to encourage making contacts... say HI! Please monitor this site for more info as it arrives. I'll be listening... WRCU527 / K7VLL Darren
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