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  1. Wish I could Sign in to Account

  2. I I have same issue to the T
  3. I can't login to mygmrs.com but i can login to forms.mygmrs.com. No reply for email form...
  4. They should really delete the (2) and make it one sentence.
  5. This question is slightly off topic but related to FCC approval of RT97 FCC ID 2ASNSRT97. The FCC website shows a test report https://apps.fcc.gov/eas/GetApplicationAttachment.html?id=4720800 . In the test report it references Listed Model(s): RT90, RT92, RT93, RT94, RT95, RT98, RT99, RT9000D, RT9550. Does this mean that all of the models are approve by FCC ID 2ASNSRT97?
  6. I am new, have been reading many threads, see this comment being made often, but i do not understand the requirement. When I read the part on GMRS Station identification it is clear that the operator of the station is responsible for properly identifying the station they are transmitting from. The repeater will re-transmit the GMRS Station identification when it repeats their transmission . Therefore the repeater is not required to identify itself since each operator should have already identified their station.
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