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  1. Added permission since it seems like a common request, and I show the tone required if and only if it's an open system. The rest of the data can be accessed through the hyperlink to mygmrs.
  2. Thanks for the all the feedback. This was mostly for listening while travelling, so I just added links to the Mygmrs site for the repeaters. That maintains the existing access controls. This also avoids some of the thorny issues a few of you brought up. All I really wanted to know was where the repeater was, and how far away. I would love to also add direction (will my signal improve/degrade/etc), but that will take a little bit of work to calculate heading. Addressing some of your comments: I'm aware of repeaterbook, but it shows by distance, not by channel. (in addition to be very out of date for GMRS listings) I love the idea of confirming hearing repeater activity. Perhaps a thumbs up/thumbs down. Thanks for the idea of adding open/private/permission info. Here it is with some CSS and links to the repeaters:
  3. I was driving from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin today, and I was monitoring channels 15-22. I originally was monitoring all channels, but I was getting super-local chatter, and I was mostly interested in high-power simplex and repeater traffic. When I heard something, it got me thinking. What repeater are they using? That gave me an idea for an app or a web page. I downloaded the GMRS repeater database, and made some *really* crude JavaScript. I whipped this thing up in an hour, and it's embarrassing, but it works! Showing is probably easier than telling... It's just a web page that gets your location from the browser, and then looks up the closest repeater on each channel. Right now I'm only showing the basics, but there's no reason I couldn't show the "tone in" and also have a link to the repeater details. Useful? Did I just reinvent something? I didn't make it public since I'm not sure what the licensing is for the GMRS database. If someone knows, let me know. Or, if the owner wants to reach out, lets chat.
  4. I was camping on Washington Island (WI). It's north of the "thumb" in Wisconsin. Basically the northern part of Wisconsin. I was scanning for local repeaters using a Wouxun 905g and started hearing some traffic. I tried making contact, but they said they couldn't make out what I was saying. I walked out of the woods to a nearby hill (about 20ft higher than my campsite). I made clear contact, asked where the repeater was, and my jaw dropped when I found out it was a repeater in Evanston Illinois, 230 miles away as the crow flies. It turns out they have a 200ft+ tower with a Yagi pointed north. The radio path was almost entirely over the lake. 230 miles! My mind is still blown. Anyone else done something similar?
  5. I would like to mount a mobile HT (Wouxun KG-905g) in my car. I see that ProClip has a holder for some radios, but not this one. Does anyone have an idea as to a decent way to mount the radio so that I can use it in the car, but also grab and go?
  6. @berkinet, did you pull the trigger on the Retevis? I want to get a mobile unit ASAP and I want something that I can easily program from my computer (ideally chirp) and is also easy to use.
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