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  1. The same reflection and/or refraction occur with a repeater in Maryland working into/out of Washington D.C. Colocated on the same tower and linked, the repeater owner has both VHF and UHF repeaters. One would expect the VHF repeater to work better into the heart of the city, but in fact, the UHF repeater has better penetration and users transmitting to the repeaters are heard better on the UHF repeater.
  2. I mentioned lightning damage to my HF radio on FB and magically 2 replacement boards appeard on eBay within 48 hours
  3. I'd move the bracket to the peak of the roof and mount a good antenna as high as possible, its almost impossible to "power thru" trees
  4. I run my coax to my triband antenna exactly as DowneastNC suggests. My UHF element is resonant enough to give OK SWR on GMRS. I think it was actually 1.11:1 on 440 and 2.10 on GMRS. I recently upgraded the coax to LMR600, but I should actually bump it up another 5 ft; right now its about 40 ft up.
  5. The Surecoms seem to be popular, but I am put off by their cheesy appearance.
  6. Very good explanation. When our local elmer gives a Tech class one of the last day hands on class demonstrations is each student actually using HT's brought in by other club members under their direct supervision. This is done in the parking lot right under the repeater. Probably half of the HT's are CCR's but I have never noticed a desensing problem during the class demonstration. I guess we have been lucky with the hardware volunteered.
  7. Boxcar put the correct qualifier on it. It varies by location. IN MY AREA there are probably 60 repeaters, 4 or 5 don't use tones, the other 50+ do.
  8. I get as much good radio tech info here as I do on several ham sites. A great group of knowledgable and friendly folks
  9. If you are holding your breath for the $35 GMRS fee, you better have big lungs, it will happen at the same time ham fees are implemented and not before.
  10. "Proper stuff" - are you implying homemade is improper? Certainly seems to be the text you posted, though you may not have meant so.
  11. I think its more of a cost savings by having ITT or whoever does the programming do it all at once. Some of this legacy crap is still runnning on mainframes
  12. People without licenses are still allowed to listen. Pretty much impossible to stop unlicensed from transmitting regardless of what information they possess or not.
  13. Welcome Stone. You are using GMRS exactly as it was intended.
  14. I have so much success with the 18 ft of coax (probably best grade of RG-58) that came on my Browning 320 on 70cm that I have doubts that switching to LMR 240 or 400 would make any difference. Here's why: #1 its a Browning 320, its very well matched with moderate gain, #2 I have it mounted very high on a tall van, #3 I couldn't mount it directly to the roof or the van's ladder rack, so I built a flat bracket attached to the ladder rack to mount the antenna on that probably works as a ground plane, #4 I connected that bracket with 2 pieces of #8 wire to different parts of the body of the van to be sure I had a ground plane in addition to the mounting plate. You can have all the power in the world delivered to the antenna, but if you can't effectively radiate it where it will work, the power is wasted. Correct me on my math, but 20% power output difference is less than 2db if I recall. Edited to add antenna gain, which Lscott points out is relevant.
  15. I have a laptop I bought for work stuff that there is no mac/apple version. I run the windows only radio software on it for the very same reason.
  16. Same here, ham first then GMRS. Luckily have found a repeater that can be reached from my house, my daughter's house and my brother's house even though each is tens of miles from the other and the repeater. As always with UHF, height is might. The repeater is high up on a tower, high on a hill.
  17. Doesn't the US generally have reciprocal license recognition for many radio licenses? IDK how to phrase it for internet search
  18. This is why sailing ships had an observer riding in a "crow's nest" high in the rigging.
  19. Just in from conference call with the VEC's If you are holding your breath for the $35 GMRS fee, you better have big lungs
  20. BoxCar is exactly correct. The 50w 462 frequencies are NOT restricted to repeater use only as Michael fears. Michael, that exact situation occurs EVERY DAY and the world does not end. The frequencies are SHARED between simplex and repeater output, it really is that simple.
  21. Interference would only come if one transmitted on a busy frequency. Using normal decorum and listening before transmitting to be sure the frequency is not in use is all one must do to avoid "problems"
  22. The original SWR reading may have been "good" because the coax or a connector absorbed the reflected power. You may now be seeing the true SWR of the antenna. Just one of several possiblities
  23. As long as you are not transmitting on the 467.000 repeater input part of the band you are not interfering with a repeater. Its not a prevailing opinion, its an FCC reg. The 50 watt simplex frequencies are the same as the repeater output frequencies, they are shared. 7 miles would be possible with well elevated antennas. A directional antenna isn't that much help in the GMRS frequency band if there are obstructions. Height is might. I have made 11 mile VHF simplex contacts with my Anytone 50 watt VHF mobile, UHF/GMRS is harder without pure line of sight.
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