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  1. Yes, I xmit on the repeater with all other radios No I haven't listened to the 467 side with another radio (good suggestion, got that one on the local tech net last night but haven't had the opportunity to try) Receive the Rx side on all other radios Antenna tests good with other radios I use the same file from the 862g to write to the 862HG. Programming is constant. Will re-post tomorrow after listening from 467.650. Thanks.
  2. Xmtr is TK-862HG-g Receive varies from TK-862G, TK-3207, Baofeng UV-82, Anytone 778UV. Receive radio doesn't seem to matter. No one hears me when the 862HG uses the repeater. Codes are correct. Xmit is 467.650 receive is 462.650. Can use the walkies, or the other mobiles in car 100 feet away. No receive. Seems the 862HG isn't xmit to the repeater. Works great in TA mode.
  3. Receive radio is in the same shack. No problems receiving when using same rx/tx freqs.
  4. So I can not get my TK-862HG-1 to do split freqs (ie repeater functions) Works great on GMRS @ same TX/RX but when I program for repeaters, I can't hear myself on the other proper repeater receiving radios. It has been suggested that I may need a firmware upgrade. Any pointers to the most current firmware for these radios? WRFI506 Tucson, AZ
  5. Make sure you get the programming cable, same as the 862. Uses the different KD software free on the internet. The beauty is that you get alpha numeric readout, 256 channels possible, so you can program every repeater from CA to FLA! Very good 25 watt radio, crystal clear and COMMERCIAL GRADE!
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