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  1. Thanks for your comment... My only issue is copy/paste channels into a group I like... I'm using the OEM software on an old XP. Looking for help on that... MacJack
  2. As an owner of a 905G for several months, want to hear the experience of the new 905G owners. Any features you like as you compare with other radios. It goes without saying, if you have any questions ask away as we all can learn from the question and answer from many mentors. MacJack
  3. Your observations is so right on... I have two 805G and the girls love them.... Lite and easy... But my maleness likes the way I can program the 905G to scan the way I what and still talk to the girls... So we are in the same camp on the use of 805G and 905G.. MacJack
  4. Welcome, nice Jeep... now tell me about that KG-1000G mount and what antenna and where did you mount it... What is all the other stuff you have mounted. Sorry GMRS folks, it is a Jeep thing. MacJack
  5. I agree but sometimes "old dogs" need help. No shame in asking, I had to. I like your Jeep upgrades, I held back as my 12 yo grand daughter will be learning to drive soon and keep it stock to help her out. It is the same thing I did for her mom and aunt in my 20 Jeep. Hours on hours driving the back roads to no where and getting lost. Glad I had my gps back then. MacJack
  6. You need to get the cable and it will make you so happy and life is easier go get your cable. It made my repeater up and running and help me do a lot of things. MacJack
  7. I have both... Ham Ticket and GMRS... I like GMRS for more local community connection and help those in GMRS locally. As for Ham, nice group and full of rules and procedures. So do both not knowing your area and Hams... I should say, we have a great Ham Club and repeater and wekliy Tech meeting and bio monthly lunches. So me 74 yo and my 12 yo grand daughter have our Ham ticket and enjoy this Ham group as they are very social but GMRS is more family connected and not that outreaching. This is IMHO for western NC... MackJack
  8. Can you use the software with cable to change it...?
  9. Congratulation on your license and most of all getting two great radios... Send me a PM personal message and I will help you answer your questions.... See my 2018 JLR in my ID... welcome to GMRS and Jeeping. MacJack
  10. You are going to have to outreach... repeaters are not going to come to you.... You have to find a family repeater like I have and ask if you can join in... We have one repeater in our area is open IF you are the right type of person and what you want to do... I did put up my own repeater for the family/kids and we have so much fun. Change your focus and think of how you can help the repeater community/family. An example is the repeater owner who has the best location and the highest tower on the higes mounty covers 30 miles and we became best friends and he helped me get my Ham ticket. You have to work at it...
  11. Let me help you.... attached is a list of GMRS license holders in Clayton, NC... Pick some of the newer guys and reach out to them. Put a bill board up... Have fun. License Search - Search Results.pdf
  12. I know what you are saying... I use PF 60 plus all the time... because I Jeep and bike and wear long sleeves and a hat... I am my dermatologist best customer. So I do use a sun screen on my Jeep but does not stop crime Happy for you and how you made your rig look..
  13. So if I show you my toplessness you and your kids will go blind.
  14. Nice looking setup... Wish I could do that.... my problem is I'm topless and will loose all my equipment... I have to hide my HT radio if I park. So glad to see what I'm missing out going topless. MacJack
  15. OK then try both FRS and GMRS channels as you HT will auto check you output power.
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