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  1. I use the Midland MXT275 in my Jeep. Any problem running the radio in scan mode all the time? I am not sure of channel use in my area Thanks
  2. Hey I am new to the community and to running a GMRS radio. How do I go about finding others in the area that are on any of the channels 1-7 FRS or 15-22 GMRS or repeater channels 15-22? Is there a proper way to let people know you are on the air? Are there channels that are more often used like the CB used channel 19 as a standard for truck traffic back in the day. Thanks for helping a nube out with his new tech.
  3. Yes that is it. I used the wire that Midland recommends with it (NMO). It is more wire length than I needed but was able to bundle together under the seat. I drilled a hole in the little plastic cap between fire wall and cab. Will see if I get better signal with it. I can send pics if you want? https://midlandusa.com/product/micromobile-mxta24-low-profile-antenna-cable/
  4. MacJack I am using JL Fender Mount NMO Antenna Bracket from https://topsyproducts.com/ Hope to install this weekend.
  5. Hello All. New here and new to GMRS. Got the Midlands MXT275 and will be installing it and the 6db antenna on my Jeep. Hope to do some off roading in Colorado this summer and read that the Jeep Jamboree's are moving to GMRS, so thought I should learn and prepare. Are there channels that are used more than others? I thought I read somewhere that truckers will use channel 7. Looks like a great site. Thanks
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