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  1. WQWU626 This is exactly what I need. I ran a rough estimate, and I will cover most of the county in all directions using a 40' antenna. Thank you
  2. Hi I am kicking around setting up an antenna for a 50w repeater . In my case I maybe able to place the antenna on a building 70` in the air. What is the formula to compute signal range? I found this formula at https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/17454/how-do-i-estimate-the-transmission-distance-of-a-50-watt-2m-radio but it doesnt include the radio wattage. I know signal power has to be in the equation somewhere. Providing that the ground between transmitter and receiver is flat the following formula gives the distance to the horizon: D=distance H=height D=1.2√H D=1.2√70=10mi Double this to get 20 miles. Thank you D=1.2H−−√
  3. Guys Thank you for pitching to help me out. Late in the day I discovered there hadnt been any traffic. I was listening on GRMS08 and GRMS17. I finally picked up a signal. I have other questions about repeaters and will open a new thread. Thank you
  4. HI This is day 1 with my new Baofeng GMRS-V1. I bought the extended antenna and its attached. I've made no programming changes to the radio, Its new out of the box. The problem is no one can hear me, nor can I hear anyone. I currently have the upper at GMRS08 and lower GMRS17. I hear no static, nothing. When I xmit the display lights up and there is a red/orange led on top. What am I missing here ?
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