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  1. Morning Michael, I have a Retevis RT76P hand held I bought for my spotter when on the 4x4 trails, & can communicate easily on like configured channels. I cannot remove the factory CTCSS/DCS codes on the RT76P w/o a cable & software which I do not have. So the Midland will transmit & receive when channels are complimentary. My frustration comes from not reaching anyone else, receiving others, not getting replies...unclear how useful this commo method is without prior coordination of stations Gary J.
  2. Negative on the Fix...Ok, I can talk to my handheld using CTCSS codes, but still can't "hit" anybody with no codes, even stations I am receiving...really starting to bug me, hope the new radio arrives soon
  3. AND THE FINAL ANSWER IS: There is nothing wrong with my MXT275. The others in my 4x4 group we're all using hand held radios that had an unswitchable CTCSS code of which they were unaware. I was able to monitor but not get through. I purchased a Retrevis RT76P for my wife, and after matching codes, we're good. I want to thank everybody for helping out... BTW, I struggled with posting this and really lookin like a newb...but if you can't laugh at yourself...
  4. The MXT275 shows the 1-7 FRS, The 15-22 Hi Power, & the 15-22 repeaters. The only thing I haven't tried was the FRS channels
  5. The transmit has never worked, brand new out of the box, after total reset, w/o Privacy codes, & after going through the menu & turning everything off (doesn't have a transmit kill), & having the monitor switch "off". Receives great, excellent range. Sorry, I don't have a meter. On the shopping list. Midland is stumped as well, they're sending me another unit. Thanks for all the suggestions, I learned a few things.
  6. I determined it's not transmitting while with a group on the same channel, I receive, and the unit mimics transmission ie. lights, bars, icons, but nobody receives. I thank y'all for the positive suggestions and advice. Midland tech service is sending another unit. Think its just defective.
  7. Not using an external speaker, had both the mic/base speakers on (hearing disability 22 yrs Army). Sound coming in is clear.
  8. I did the factory reset, no go, as far as trying a different antenna if I'm receiving a repeater that's 455 miles away (albeit scratchy) and others in my group, I don't know? I've got a ticket in to Midland, they've yet to get back other to acknowledge receipt
  9. Hi Guys, I'm an old CB'er & new to GMRS, and I'm puzzled by my new Midland MXT275. Everything functions, but it won't transmit. Privacy codes are off, factory default settings. I was out with my 4WD group this weekend, received fine, but no transmit. Transmit meter pegs, Tx icon is right, Transmit light is on. I pick up a repeater in Albuquerque, so I don't see an antenna problem. What am I missing? Gary J. WRKK288 Tucson
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