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  1. it's continuous and systematic. It is a repeatable static cadence, almost like morse code except the signal is static not tone. My radios stop on signals sending, it stops on 3 static nonsense and can't get off it unless I manually skip it. Very annoying and I've taken to not even listening anymore.
  2. it's both at home and mobile. It's not something with me, read that cable services can interfere with 3 and 4. I'm wondering if it's a signal from them. I don't have cable. Is this something that can be reported? Channel 3 is unusable for anybody round here. good idea wayoverthere.
  3. Channel 3 has an annoying repeating static, scanning requires constant attention. It was non stop for months then gone, now back again. Is there anything that can be done or just life on a gmrs?
  4. I bought a used truck, to my surprise there was evidence of a radio install. The hole needed for the power supply was already there, I used a magnetic mount antenna and ran the wire down the weather stripping into the cab on the passenger side up in the dash over to the radio. When I search for some install advice on this truck people had commented on factory holes of possible use, looking for those helped me find the previous owners. I didn't skimp on the few items needed and took the time needed for a professional install. Even if removed you'd have to know what to look for to see any damage caused. I never mounted a handheld bracket, that would always be evident if removed. Dash has a niche, I use that. The antenna is the 30 inchish one with a spring in the middle, it does what it claims and gives when it comes in contact with obstructions...I live in a woods, it's always growing, always trying to reclaim control. lol
  5. It's threads like this that make the net worth while. I already know what I know, I want to know what you know. I think back on all the properties I've seen and worked on, I now see them from an experienced operators eyes. One property has an abandoned cell phone tower on it, I wonder how many people know it's value. The House and buildings are crap, I think I know why now and it goes hand in hand with the excellent advice given here, he was a ham operator...spent all his money on equipment. lol Still sits there, unsold. That will change with more people getting into alternate forms of communication.
  6. old faithful. I do like those clamps kidphc linked
  7. if lighting does strike, i'd bet it grabs a hold of the lighting rod/antenna before anything else. Shot an arrow in an oak tree about 20' up, lighting struck, happened to pick that tree out of hundreds around it and blew that arrow out. It has never stuck that tree again. Always best to disconnect, but I'm not sure lighting won't just jump and still fry everything. If you can't pound a rod in it can be buried horizontally.
  8. mygmrs dot com sends weekly repeater updates. Lists all the repeaters per state and details on them. The distances are given, most aren't more than 10 miles.
  9. my only interest in knowing who says what is if the who is a somebody with an audience. Even then it's just for entertainment purposes. maybe someday I can get them to pay me for repeating what I say. Not holding my breath. I do way more listening than talking and I don't care about introductions although it seems introductions are very important to some. The right voice and inflections is a sign of prominence. I've been perfecting mine, say it rapidly and with the least amount of significance possible, then be offended when someone doesn't say theirs.
  10. round here channel 3 makes it impossible to scan... keeps making a racket causing the scan to stay on the channel. We do have wind turbines near and I know of a few panels. It's not static, it's rhythmic, like a pulse would be. Almost like a repeating signal intent on finding life in space. Very annoying.
  11. Are cb radios illegal? Hard to talk law without being political and I can get very political. Bottom line, don't use a radio if it infringes on another's freedom. All laws are created after the abuse of freedom occurs, cause an accident while being distracted using the radio and you are part of the reason government grows and we all lose freedoms we once enjoyed. Love your neighbor on the road and you have little to fear, do it not killing someone and there are many laws you are in violation of the least of which is radio usage. "From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded" Self government is great power, with great power comes great responsibility. You literally hold the lives of others in your hands, abuse it and you lose the gift of self government to another government, they lose everything.
  12. Well, I figured out that the MTX400 has repeater channels already to go like BlackMar said and that there are 3 repeaters round here and all 3 are open source, unfortunately 2 of them use the same frequency. I also figured out how to find the owners of permission only repeaters and how to enter the codes in the radio should the need arise. So, I have channel 17 and 20 using repeater channels, 17 is south of here and 20 is north. I'm thinking the thing to do is create a map on a gps with open source repeaters and there corresponding channels so no matter what direction I'm heading I have a repeater channel to use. FWIW I've been on the net and in forums for a long time, searching for information doesn't always answer the questions asked. When I create a post I try and keep in mind someone might be searching for an answer and my "conversation" might help answer their question. If my posts sound a bit lame it's because they are directed at not only the present and persons involved, but a wider audience that might come in later. Vince, that was all greek to me, give me some time to learn the language kb2ztx, thanks, 462-467 isn't just a number designation, it signifies a boost in power, very helpful.
  13. Watched a utude vid, just how you explain it with instruction on how to set it up. Thanks. .
  14. They are owned by individuals and can boost range if you hook into them. My question is about the Midland MTX400. Recently installed it, it comes with repeater channels which confuses me. Are they saying the radio is a repeater or any repeater near by allowing the channels from 15-22 to be used. it is now using, without permission? There is no feature allowing the connection to a personal repeater, it just makes 15-22 repeater channels. I thought when I bought it, it was a repeater specifically designed to be the GTX 1050 repeater. In other words it could boost the range of the hand held, but I recently read here the 1050 isn't able to use a repeater. I'm thinking there maybe some claims being made that can't possibly be true. Just the tinker in me that needs to understand these things. If there are conversation covering this please provide a link.
  15. enjoy the chatter of kids while it lasts, someday you may wish to hear kids chatter instead of suffering through a horrific time. When the kids are silent start to worry...any parent will tell you that Yes, I hear them.
  16. found this link, at least you know where repeaters are in your area mygmrs.com/map/#/ (I busted up the link in case it's prohibited here) just search. bound to be people talking near by.
  17. 2 wires to a power source and screw on the antenna. Turn it on, figure out how to use it. If it's in a vehicle do the best job you can installing it. Pick a spot for the mount that allows easy reach to the controls and a quick glance to read it. I also chose a spot where the screws would not be seen if it was removed. Because I bought a used work truck the previous owner had a hole through the fire wall the exact size of flexible conduit to house the power leads. I ran mine directly into the battery which required lengthening the leads. I used and old 12ga extension cord for the wire and good waterproof slices. Proper connectors were added to the leads and connected to the auxiliary posts now common on battery terminals. The entire conduit was wire tied neatly to another factory conduit, the 2 together look as if that is how it came from the factory The cable for the antenna is hidden under the dash, taken to the passenger door, fed through the weather stripping hiding it completely and out to the roof of the cab where a magnetic mounted antenna is placed. No wires inside the cab are visible except for the mic lead. I didn't mount the clip for the mic, couldn't see a way or place the wouldn't permanently damage the dash. The dash has cubby holes, one works well for the mic. With just a little thought anyone can end up with a professionally looking install. I chose to hook up directly to the battery because the truck drains the battery quick even with the ignition turned to auxiliary, a matter of hours. Directly avoids all that just powering the radio. It also eliminates the need for a key to use the radio which might just save the day if the truck can't be turned on for various reasons. The Midland radio has a Time/off feature, I set mine to 1 hour and it works.
  18. just hooked up the midland MTX400. I haven't tested it for range. Was hoping I'd pick up more with it but so far it hasn't anything the GTX1050 hand held has, except some weird annoying rhythmic static on channel 3. Sounds like a fan blade hitting something inconsistently producing a consistent repeated pattern. It's annoying because the radio stops on in when in scan mode and can't get out of it. I am trying to set up a base station able to communicate with others in a group of people we can count on to come to each others aid in these troubling times. I hope it's range can at least start a chain reaction of communication that will reach enough to reach everyone. Am using a magnet mounted 30 inchish antenna. I heard it was the best for mobile use. More interested in listening than sending till sending is a must. It's available through many vendors, I have an account with one so it came with benefits to buy the MTX400. I do think I did a professional job on the install so if all it turns out to be is a looker, I have at least that going. It did pick up a conversation between a man and a woman the other day, they were discussing Teriyaki chicken for dinner. Rather listen to that any day as boring as it is compared to what I could be hearing I never want to hear, even though that is the reason I'm getting into alternate forms of communication. Wish I could've figured out how far away they were. I'm also in Ohio, N.W. Ohio, nice and flat round here.
  19. There is a time for talking and a time for listening. As my talking is worth .02 cents listening is worth .98 cents. I've been using a GTX1050 to listen for some time, it does have long range listening capabilities. So far it's all been usual chatter between old guys stuck at home solving the worlds problems lol, I'm getting to know them and that maybe of some use someday. No news is good news and there has been no news I've heard on gmrs channels to speak of yet. I'm not sorry I purchased the GTX1050, it has its applications and does have a decent short range ability to speak, if I need help I need it from someone close by, it does that. . The GTX1050 receives signals from a good distance and has a good battery life. 2 things I think are the most important in a hand held. Like most things there really isn't a one size fits all. I'm sure I will end up owning several hand helds before I find that one go to device. I do feel a sense of urgency, the learning curve on finding the right tool this time will have to be short. Why I just joined here.
  20. Alternative communications is my reason using gmrs. Some of us are working to unite together to help each other in these troubled times. The link is very helpful, way ahead of us.
  21. just paid 70, there was no mention of 35.
  22. the Midland MXT400 has a power off feature, in 30 minute intervals. Have mine set for 1 hour. My xm radio can kill my battery in less than 4 hours.
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