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  1. Thank you! So I've been doing some reading on Part 90 vs. Part 95. I am still confused. Could someone give me a quick "Part 90 / 95 for Dummies" tutorial?
  2. I have a 50 W, 2 meter / 440 MHz transceiver that I use as a base station. I modified it to transmit on GMRS, but I recently learned I am not allowed to do so because the radio is not certified/approved by the FCC for GMRS. So I am now in the market for a dedicated GMRS radio for my base station. It must operate from a 12 V power supply and be capable of transmitting up to 50 W. I have found two on the market: BaoFengTech GMRS-50X1 Wouxun KG-1000G Which radio would you purchase if you were me? Or perhaps something different? Thank you, MichaelWRFS927
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