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  1. Really, I'm just exploring options and learning. From a prepping standpoint all of the digital, internet-connection options are gone anyway. The whole world is going "digital" so I'm exploring options. I don't want to go one direction and have to go another. As far as contacts go I have no expectations. I will look into the 6M stuff though. JG
  2. So, I got started in civilian radio as a prepper's communication choice. I'm no REAL prepper, but I do a little. I started w/GMRS because it was easy. After programming a non-part-95e HT and getting rather frustrated rather quickly (GMRS is pretty dead here in SATX) I started thinking about amateur radio. My dad was a ham and I learned to read a schematic, solder, etc. when I built his Heath Kit power supply for his 20M rig. I started looking at the technician test and figured, with a little study, I could get that. I did and here I am. The HTs I have are ham radios so I've reprogrammed them and now also have an AnyTone AT-778UV as mobile. Before I invested more money I wanted to see what all was out there, so digital ham entered the picture. All the digital choices will do analog as well, so I'm not giving up one for the other. I just want to make a good choice based on my circumstances. I do plan on taking the General test, but just haven't studied enough yet, so currently I'm pretty much stuck in the UHF/VHF world. I have looked at a 10M mobile rig that can do SSB but not sure I really want to go that route either. Choices, choices. . . JG
  3. What about the FT-70DR HTs? They are more in my price range. What am I giving up with those? JG
  4. @tweiss3Thanks for the update. ebay and QRZ have them starting @ $300. I'll keep watching. JG
  5. Hello All, So first off, let's try to keep this on topic. The last thread about "Your favorite digital mode and why" flew off topic rather quickly. From what I've found so far when it comes to digital voice you have 3 choices: 1. System Fusion - Yaesu proprietary, easy to use, internet connected with wires-x, expensive hardware (HT or Mobile), no registration 2. D-Star - JAIA open source project with proprietary CODEC, ICOM's solution, less expensive hardware, a little more difficult to setup but not bad, requires registration to leave local repeater 3. DMR - Completely open source, available from all the CCM folks, requires registration, very involved to setup, cheapest hardware options I know the choice may really come down to availability of repeaters in my area. In a 25-mile radius of my home I see the following: 1. System Fusion - 11 2. D-Star - 4 3, DMR - 3 Each is a mix of 2M and 70CM. I've read where Fusion is falling out of fashion across the US, but winning here, so that would be a logical choice, but the cheapest mobile I've found (used) is around $500. More than I want to spend to try this stuff out. What says the group? JG
  6. Hey @pcradio Here is a link to the channels: https://wiki.radioreference.com/index.php/FRS/GMRS_combined_channel_chart JG
  7. T0 remove the board from the chassis I have to remove the antenna connector, but it isn't small. What a design. . . JG
  8. Hey All, IO bought a Wouxun KG-UP920P-A knowing it had a failed final MOSFET thinking I could do the repair. I had no idea the piece sas so small. I just don't have the tools/skills for this repair. I'm having poor luck finding anything local to San Antonio, TX for repair. Anyone have some place/someone to whom I could shit it for repair? I'm only into it for $75 so far, so unless it is an expensive fix (already have 4 x MOSFETs) I'll still come out ahead. Here is a link to the repair process I found online - https://owenduffy.net/equipment/KG-UV920P/index.htm Thanks, JG
  9. Looks good so far, but you may want to consider a drip loop somewhere before the radio so water doesn't run down the wire to your radio. JG
  10. Any virtualization program you can use and pass the com port assigned to the cable will work. JG
  11. Glad you got it sorted. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. JG
  12. So, KPG-49D Version 4.21 is what I have and it is Windows. See if you can download the file I've attached. MODs, if this is forbidden, my apologies up front. JG KPG-49D_v4.21.zip
  13. The software is free. Get version KPG-49d v 6.30. JG
  14. 95A vs. 95E. The older radios were grandfathered in. That is why we can use them on GMRS. New radios have to meet the new (95E) standards. JG
  15. I recently took my mobile rig through in my backpack w/o issue. I got nailed on the "random" full check and would up with an agent that was considering getting her ham license, so we had a lovely chat. She couldn't believe I had a 2M/70cm rig in my backpack as she had only seen the old, huge HF stuff. JG
  16. @rdunajewski Will this setup include a duplexer? Cost? JG
  17. Before going the $$$ route get a better antenna. You have 3 "classes" to choose from: 1. A higher-gain antenna that simply replaces the OEM antenna on the radio 2. Use a mag-mount or other mobile antenna. I do this with both my GMRS and 2M/70cm rigs and it works well. 3. Go big and get an antenna you put on the roof. Obviously only choice 1 lets you walk around with the HT, but the others can greatly increase range if you can stay stationary. JG
  18. Private Land Mobile: https://www.ntia.doc.gov/files/ntia/publications/compendium/0460.00-0470.00_01MAR14.pdf JG
  19. That was cool! Thanks for the link. JG
  20. I used the Hamstudy.org app and got 100% on the tech test. I decided to take the General while I was at it. After looking at the first 8 questions and not having a clue I turned it back in. Didn't want to waste anyone's time. Now I'm studying for the General exam, trying to get it before I have to pay for it. JG
  21. I found some on Amazon. Should be here tomorrow. JG
  22. So, this is really embarrassing. . . It is the label on the side of the radio. JG
  23. Hey All, My google-fu isn't working well on this. I want to use mount screws (into the radio chassis) that have some type of knob so I can remove the radio for programming, etc. Any idea what they are? All the Kenwood literature says is 4 x hex-head screws and I've found nothing better. JG
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