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  1. I had spoken with Buytwowayradio tech support about the static and they said to set the squelch to 5. I did this and went out today and had the same problen on all 22 channels and 8 repeater channels. I did hear CX but everything else is static, so I'm sending in for them to look at it. Going to fire up my Btech 50 watt tomorrow and see what I can get.
  2. My channel is dietxanadu (type it into search bar)
  3. Stopped the Corner Cottage for my BK burrito and a little GMRS time. Had my wouxun 20 watt mobile setup and WOW super static on all channels unless volumm set at #1. As I'm getting my power from the cigar lighter (car engine is on) I wonder if that is where the static is coming from. I was even getting static on my Ht Radioddity GM-30. Going to try getting power from a Jackery power box to see if that is a fix.
  4. I should be able to hit it from 3500 ft up in the Angles Naion Forest. My fav stop is facing southeast (210 east/15 north).
  5. I'm trying to get on Not a Rubicon 700. It list DPL/DCS transmit tone of 271 or D271N with a recieve ton of 073 or D073N. But my wouxun radio wont dial in those numbers at least from the the TX - DTC menu
  6. Setting the squelch to level 1, would apply to all cannels?
  7. For the Love of God, I'm so total tired of playing with the anytone radio. If you would like this radio it is yours, if not i will be using it in a Drop Test video. Greg
  8. No traffic other than on 21 & 22, and then only zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzz. Same for repeaters 17 & 18. i had volumm set below squech, but could not hear anything. I use hearing aids, but can pick up traffic fine with my HT. Hope this was not another $200 down the drain.
  9. ? On the Anytone AT-779UV (USA version). That maybe the first question. Is my radio a Europe or USA version? It has channels 1-7, 15-22 and repeater channels 15-22 (like on the Btech GMRS V1), so 30 channels over all. I think after regular channel 22 the next one is channel 15R. What is "VFO"? In order to program the radio with the radios computer program solfware. Do I need a AC to 12 volt DC convertor or can I pull off the radios setting like you would with a scan disk or Seagate storage drive? Sorry for so many question but the radios Instruction Manual, isn't not a instruction manual and I fine ZERO info on Anytone website or the web.
  10. She is alive, She is alive! I hooked up the car battery and the radio is Good 2 Go! I guess I blow that fuse you folks mention. Thank you all!
  11. I have a radio in a box set-up, that being I have to tear in down after each use. Anyway I was enjoying my radio when it just went "black" AKA turned off!. I'm using the cigar lighter (female) for may source of power. I checked all connections, fuses, on/off button. I replaced the BTech with a Anytone radio and it worked fine. anyone have any thoughts on what I could do?
  12. I have yet to make any contact with anyone in No America.
  13. Ops I met I hear a lot of 4 letter words and folks screaming on channel 22 (So Cal area). And then the channel grabbers on a power trip...to funny.
  14. WyoJoe, n4gix: As a wise man once said 20 watts is better then 15 watts. So going to hit the BUY tap and get the Anytone AT779UV Thank you for your help. OffRoader: Yes have heard good things about the KG-1000G. But so far GMRS is turning out like CB (money pit). My only contacts on GMRS so far have been online (forums). I am learning lot of 4 letter word, screaming and channel grabbers (Channel 22) Thank you.
  15. It seem that my profile is 50% complete. I seem to be stock at this point cuss I don't have a HAM license. Anyway I'm enjoying this site and the forum is a great help.
  16. The Btech 25X2 is a Ham radio. The Anytone AT-779UV and the Retevis RA25 don't have repeater channels. I may go with the Midland MXT 275 with it's everything on the mic. But thank you all for your help.
  17. Micheal, I used a Morse code learning program that I entered my GMRS license number and it turn it into a Morse code. I then recorder this to a voice memo app on my IPhone. During my short time listing to GMRS users. I have never heard anyone give there GMRS license number in the English language. But I do hear what I believe may have been call signs given in international Morse code. As I can either give my call sign in English or in Morse code I thought it would be faster and clearer to use Morse code. But I'm also not trying to hide my call sign. With my hearing lost it would be nice if I could store my call sign in Morse code. But it is not a deal breaker.
  18. How can I give my call sign using Morse code? I have been using Voice Memos (IPhone), but as I'm hearing impaired i can't hear it 90% of the time. Is there away to add it to a Btech 50X-1 automatically? Thank you for your help.
  19. My wife had a cow when she saw me installing my Btech GMRS -50X1. The radio is just to big for inside front seat area. Maybe under the seat, but unit would not be able to say in car do to high crime area. So I was thinking of a small Midland MX115. The pros would be that it is well vary small, I can use the cigar light plug for power and it would fit into the small glove box. But at 15 watts and I guess a radio on a chip is it a toy or would it be of value until 50X1 can find a long term location (thinking truck). Thank you.
  20. What does ori: "check mark" "yes" mean? How do I add 100 Hz Input and Out to a BTech GMRS-50X1 UNIT. Thank you
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