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  1. Actually that’s not true Britton Hill, FL is the highest elevation in Florida it’s up near the Alabama line.
  2. Joe, No repeater is ever safe open or closed. Scanners today can find PL tones on any frequency. So if someone wants to be an ass they’re gonna be. Even so, some radios are very easy to program and if someone really wants they can just key up every PL tone till they find the right one. Unfortunately there’s some nasty low life people that have nothing better to do but to cause interference on what ever tickles their fancy. Even on police, fire and rescue this happens. It’s those people who ruin it for everyone even scanner enthusiasts because a lot of jurisdictions are going digital and encrypted.
  3. OK thanks, it’s kinda what I thought. With the intentional interference can you blame the ones that lock them down.
  4. Yes I looked there also did some scanning while I was on my route. Repeater Ch6 462.675 did nothing but kerchunk and ID all morning. I did hear a 462.625 in Staten Island and have sent a request via the myGMRS.com system but still waiting on an answer. Thanks for the link Jeff but I haven’t found a repeater yet using the info in the repeater list.
  5. Hello All, It looks like repeaters are slim pickings in NYC or should I say open repeaters. Unfortunately I only have an HT in my work truck as I'm not allowed to install a mobile radio. So what are the active repeaters that are newbie friendly. Most of my deliveries are in LIC area of Queens. I'm also a amateur radio operator as well. Any help would be great and thanks!
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