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  1. This may be unique to this device, but maybe someone else has had a similar experience on another unit? I'm new to GMRS so maybe I'm missing something obvious. Every reference I find from FCC and many other sites lists the frequency of FRS/GMRS Channel 8 as 467.5625. However, my Retevis RT76P (and its manual) list the channel 8 frequency as 467.5675. When I use another radio (Midland T71VP3) set to Channel 8, and set the Retevis to Channel 8, I get static when I press the PTT button on the Midland which stops only after I talk for 1-3 seconds. The Retevis communicates back to the Midland OK. If I switch the RT76P to frequency mode and key in the Channel 8 frequency of 467.5625, it receives transmissions from the Midland set to Channel 8 perfectly with no static. However, then Midland gets nothing from the Retevis on that frequency. All other Channels work fine both ways as they all match the known GMRS frequencies. Also note that I have all privacy codes turned off on both units and channel 8 is set up as simplex. I tried a second T71VP3 with the same results. Any ideas on what's going on? How is the Midland receiving anything on Channel 8 from the Retevis when the frequencies don't match? Steve WRMP836
  2. I can report that the 'developing' program seems to work OK. It does allow bandwidth change and adds a couple of options, though they may be more for Ham devices. On the RT76P, you cannot add channels above 30. You program them and when you read the device back, it shows they are on the device. However, when you try to dial to them, you just go from 30 back to 1. So additional channel capability in the software must be for other Retevis devices.
  3. I just got my RT76P and tried programming the bandwidth changes with the latest software. It wouldn't do it, but I followed an earlier tip to load the old software, v1-4-5 setup, and it worked fine in that version. Also, Retevis is apparently updating the software and Lucy sent me a newer version (using one of their apparently temporary links) with 'developing' in the name. It appears that version will also let you add channels. Here's the link to the 2MB field download that expires in 5 days. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/9c259b5366e356b01cd5b630a3bb35d420210525101916/cc4ea3ba70abd74e27276f8a21b9273520210525102016/34bb46?utm_campaign=WT_email_tracking&utm_content=general&utm_medium=download_button&utm_source=notify_recipient_email
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