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  1. Risks of trimming the antenna have been noted. But n4gix it's a clone of the Nagoa, like I said, not the radio's stock rubber ducky. Anyone have insight into the length of the NA-771 and NA-701, though?
  2. Oh, is the NA-771G actually a 5/8 wave antenna?
  3. New to GMRS, and I have a question about the Nagoya antennas. The NA-771G is listed as 15.3 inches long and 1/2 wavelength. The NA-701G as 5.5 inches for 1/4 wavelength. Those numbers don't add up - the 771G ought to be double the length of the 701G, but it's nearly triple. And neither of those match up with the 462MHz wavelength of ~2 feet (right?). What gives? Is this just the result of the antennas being tuned for SWR experimentally, rather than by the theory? I could believe that for the 701G, since I gather that you may need to include part of the radio itself, but that'd make the 771G even longer. I received a knockoff from Retevis with a pair of their radios, and I'm wondering whether and how much I should trim it. It's about 14 1/4 inches long. I don't have an SWR meter or anything to dial in the length as I go.
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