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  1. From reviewing the data sheet and manual here (https://shop.motorolasolutions.com/ca/t800-two-way-radios-dual-pack/product/B8F22204LBHAAW) quickly, these are only FRS radios. They have the fixed antennas and are limited to 2W. The only 467 channels are the interstitials which are allowed only .5W in an FRS radio. They may communicate with the GMRS radios on the shared channels but will not be able to use the repeater inputs for 15-22. It looks like the only tailoring you can do is to set the tones, which they refer to as an Interference Eliminator Code. Hope this helps.
  2. Good afternoon. A little late but I was scanning the forum and thought to add this... While the channels are being standardized or made common, the CTCSS and DCS squelch tones are not necessarily. I came across this reference which will explain multiple times better than me I think. Clipped from: https://www.k0tfu.org/reference/frs (Web view) The title is FRS/GMRS Privacy Codes Demystified I copied the whole page to my OneNote where I have been keeping all of my tidbits from these forums for GMRS and now also on the ham and DMR side. When you get about half way down, it says what tone "sub-channel/privacy code" (not sure there is an agreed/common term here yet) which lays out how different manufacturers have used/not used/ assigned the frequencies to assigned numbers on their radios.
  3. I really like this idea here.
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