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  1. Has anyone used this aftermarket antenna? I was considering it as an upgrade to the factory antenna on my 905G. If it has no significant improvements though I'll probably just stay with the factory antenna... thx -RR
  2. I bought a BE for my 905G as well... was planning on using it next week on a short road trip... however, this thread has me a bit concerned now as to whether or not I should even use it. Part of me wants to but the other part of me doesn't want to risk it -RR
  3. Michael, Thanks for the info... I'm quickly filling up all those memory channels with repeaters from locations I tend to drive near. I'm loving this 905G and am glad I went with such a nice HT rather than one of a lesser price/quality... thanks to all you guys who have helped out with all my questions. -RR
  4. TOM47- Took your advice and ordered the UT-72G yesterday rather than the 770G... much better choice, thx. -RR
  5. Michael- Good info to know... I have yet to set up a base station but when I do I will likely do the same as you... disconnect it when out of town and definitely when a thunderstorm moves in. -RR
  6. That's crazy... and was probably a bit scary as well!
  7. I want to add another repeater to my KG905G memory but I already have another repeater with the same frequency programmed. Am I able to add another repeater with the same frequency but with different tones? -RR
  8. AC- Good advice, I wasn't sure if a gmrs antenna would be as susceptible to lightening since the ones I've seen advertised and shrouded in PVC which I thought might help reduce the chances of a strike... I guess not. -RR
  9. Are gmrs antennas lightening magnets and if so I'm assuming they have to be grounded via a copper grounding rod??? Not that the Mojave desert gets much lightening but it sure did last week when that day long thunderstorm rolled in... made me ponder this question. -RR
  10. TOM- Yeah I think that's what I'll go with (KG-1000G and the 770G) when I am able to pull that financial trigger on the 1000G... in the meantime I'll just utilize my 905G as a HT and a mobile unit. -RR
  11. Wot- I actually did a little more research and think that when the time comes to upgrade my mobile power I'll just go with the Wouxun KG-1000G rather than purchase an amplifier for my HT... -RR
  12. WOT- Your the man, thank you!... also... I think it was you that mentioned an amplifier of some sort in another thread we connected on that would increase the output of a HT from 5w to 40-50w??? Thanks again... -RR
  13. Is it possible to connect a KG-905G to a Nagoya NL-770G mobile antenna using the provided coax that comes with the magnetic base mount (Nagoya RB-MJPL) rather than use the antenna that comes on the 905G? -RR
  14. And since March of this year it has gone up to 16,138
  15. Thanks guys... definitely answers my question and any others I might have had pertaining to this subject. My concern was whether or not I'd have to be upgrading to a digital system in the near future... and that doesn't appear to be the case -RR
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