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  1. Wow, that is interesting. Inside of multi-floor building, would you recommend UHF in that instance?
  2. How did you program your units, manually or with a computer? Also, when you transmit, take note at what shows up on the screen. Do you seen the TX frequency, different from the RX frequency?
  3. $10 per month! This is not what GMRS should become. Thanks for sharing the link so we can expose predatory behavior. They'll claim "but we spent $100k to build it". No one asked you to spend that! Can I use channel 16 simplex without causing interference? Do they own the air down there? GMRS does not have enough channels to not step on others. Look at their list of rules. Tyrant much? Way to make people hate GMRS. $10 per month but feel guilty about using it to much. $10 per month and don't use your native language, because this is America. Wow. $10 per month for the privilege of new tyranny. Another quote (from their main website). Looks like they want to be momma bear. They will eventually become what they claim to hate. Off to a good start.
  4. pcradio


    Understood. I was just trying to show how shocking something can be in perspective. I'm new to radio and I'm stunned at some of the regulations. We need some perspective on what makes sense and how logical arguments benefit society, not hinder it.
  5. pcradio


    Thank you for the discussion. Here is an official link to the office of the Governor of California. If we don't resist such thinking, more like this will come. I'm new to radio, and was not aware how an important marker had been crossed. There really is a spirit behind this, and it has big consequences for our future. A quote from the link: Don't forget to keep your mask on in between bites. I know it hard to stand up for right thinking. Much easier to just go with the flow. We can uphold the law, and still reject tyranny.
  6. pcradio


    Lscott, You are a smart individual. We need people like you on the side of common sense. The height of absurdity would be separately purchasing the KG-1000G, KG-1000M, and then the KG-UV980P, and actually feeling good about oneself after installing them in the same vehicle. No person should be applauded for this behavior or encouraged to carry out such ridiculous suggestions. Instead, they should be spared from following such thinking and made to feel good about common sense. If everyone jumps off a bridge, will we do likewise?
  7. pcradio


    How can equipment hardware itself be foreign? That is a reference to location. Equipment that is authorized can suddenly be not so, when it is in a different location. You can't say two different things at the same time. The point of this exercise it to show the FCC says many things that are not practical and logical. What amazes me is the amount of online posters who genuinely suggest that one must purchase three radios for their truck to use services they are licensed for. If one can interpret the regulations with that level of logic, almost makes you wonder if they are mentally okay?
  8. pcradio


    Heading (a) refers to a Station. Heading (9) expands on that. What this means, in practicality, is that if you operate a GMRS station (you have a license to do so), then the equipment and area you operate this station from (vehicle, on person, or shack) must not be used to contact an Amateur station. If you also have an Amateur station (and license), the GMRS station supersedes that, and you must not communicate from within the GMRS station to an Amateur station. You will need a separate Amateur station in another vehicle, separate room in your home, etc. I come to these forums so that I make sure I'm in compliance. The FCC regulations are clear, buy more stuff because it makes more sense.
  9. GMRS is not like the amateur band. It is used by groups of people who are hiking or moving around an area together.
  10. pcradio


    You should have it in less than 48 hours.
  11. Please share how you did the mars mode/unlock frequencies for this unit. Thank you.
  12. Great observations. I too use GMRS for hiking and the like. I need to relay some information about my coordinates or whatever, not try to break up a rag-chew session. With the Ham frequencies, they have so many (at least for simplex) to do that on. At my location, the repeaters are not used too much for that.
  13. He's probably out of the office.
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