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  1. Thank you for the information, that is what I was thinking but didn't want to assume that. Not being a member of the club I kinda figured that members have an alternative tone to access the repeater. Next time I am in the coverage area on a Tuesday I will have to try it out
  2. I'm new to the GMRS THING, have my license for about a week now. My question is looking through the repeater listing on my gmrs.com I see some listed as owned by a club, but they list at certain times they open to nonmembers transmitting a traveling tone. Is this the same thing as a dcs or ctcss tone? For example in Arizona listing for Phoenix 50 it lists the frequency and the analog tone. Being a club owned repeater that opens up to nonmembers on Tuesdays with a traveling tone do I need to program a different tone or is the tone listed all I need?
  3. It's not working for me either as of just a few minutes ago. I am using chrome
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