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  1. March 2024 Update from Bastrop, Tx. Alamo/New Braunfels is my closest repeater on the Alamo network. It is 70 miles away and pegs the meter on my KG-1000. Yesterday, I did a radio check and spoke to a 2 mobile units at both ends of 1604, east side and west side. They were as clear as day on my end and they heard me LC. What an awesome service to our Tx GMRS community. Many thanks to all involved.
  2. I followed Michaels instructions and they worked like a charm. Thank you!
  3. Any suggestions for a half wave that'll be ok with the suction cup mount? I'm still getting acquainted with the antennas and all their different flavors. And how power output is affected by a ground plane (or not). I could see radiation pattern but output power? I was perfectly happy with the Tram 1126B's performance. If I hadn't checked the SWR we wouldn't be having this conversation(!) Appreciate the help as always.
  4. Thank you Marc. I will play around with the suggestions.
  5. Not to beat a dead horse... But, here are some further observations for more forum insight into identifying ways to reduce the SWR: In testing my previously described set up on the Ferrari with the Tram 1126B, I'm getting an SWR of 2.78 on Ch 25 (15 W) to SWR of 4.21 on Ch 17 (18W). On the same mount in the same position on the glass by the roof (previous posted photo) a different antenna has different results. With a Tram 1174 the SWR on Ch 25 is 1.75 (18W) to 1.80 on Ch 17 (21W). The 1174 has transmitted about 2 miles further than the 1126B although it was at least 6 miles simplex for the 1126B. The 1174 hit a repeater 40 miles away, the 1126 couldn't hit the repeater. Does this have something to do with the ground plane effect or lack thereof? Ways to reduce the SWR?
  6. Epilogue... It's a happy ending. Thanks for everyone's advice and links to radio and antenna mounts and an antenna, All was installed and tested to 8 miles Simplex to base this morning. I was amazed that this tiny Tram antenna bested the roof magnetic mount Nagoya UT-72G on my SUV with the same radio (I need to check the SWR on that install). And no drilling or other alterations to the Ferrari were necessary and it's all temporary. The car will be ready for the caravan drives with the car club. 1. Tram 1126-B 2. Rugged Radio suction cup antenna mount 3. NMO mount & RG58 cable 4. Rugged Radio/Scosche cup holder mount (modified to work)
  7. Well, that is exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the photo and suggestions!
  8. Strictly GMRS OK, 1126B candidate
  9. I'm going to do this right, so I ordered the specific-purposed suction mount for an NMO that Steve suggested -that I missed entirely - and will place it top center/hinge area of the glass over the engine compartment as Marc suggested. If I had seen this method it would have saved us all a lot of conversation once I realized nothing else would work. So now we have the mount figured out... Antenna suggestions (I want to keep the antenna relatively short) What do y'all suggest Tram 1174? Midland Ghost? Other candidates? Continue to appreciate all your help. We're almost done.
  10. As for where to place the DB20, that's still up in the air too. The previous picture was just to test power. Italian cars are not know for their robustness, well robust anything (except maybe the engine ?. But she powered up with the car on and transmitted. I have a cupholder with bracket but it's about an inch too tall, well, probably 2 inches to provide some air flow. I feel I'm getting closer and will look forward to any and all suggestions. This may work after all.
  11. Chapter 3: Why didn't I see this earlier, Steve? I have LOTS of glass... Do any of these work guys?
  12. Did I miss this suggestion?: vacuum mount? I have one in a drawer somewhere that I used for a radar detector. Let me check it out.
  13. This is what I needed to hear gents, Things I hadn't considered. Guess, in the end, I will have to stick with an HT as I've ran out of options.
  14. Chapter 2... Thanks for everyone's input. Outside the car is just a non-starter. I looked at all the suggestions and none will work. If I wanted to drill a hole or use a fender mount, then this would be easy. But no damage to the car was the over-riding consideration. It's either stick with an HT which is the opposite of what i was trying to accomplish, or I'm going to try the below arrangement. The antenna is in the interior at the window between the passenger compartment and engine. - Its a Nagoya window clip slipped over a piece of aluminum. The antenna is off one of my KG-905's but I have a Retrevis 20W antenna coming fromChina (thanks to the recommendation above). The radio is a Radioddity DB20. The cable if you can call it that is not much but it's fixed in place. I was able to get 3 miles using the shorty antenna to my base which would be more than enough for my needs. I do have a Nagoya 771G that I use on my HT's. If I slant the 771, I might be able to use that. The caravan of cars never stretches more than 2-3 miles. HT's often exceed their limit when the roads are twisty or hilly. Any Pitfalls?
  15. Nope, no drilling -ever. But I have been searching under the hood near the windshield as suggested for an existing screw/bolt. There are one or two that might be a long-shot possibility. And there is room between the windshield and hood.
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