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  1. Which brings us back to where we started - fixed stations can transmit in simplex to other fixed stations on 467 main channels with up to 15W of power.
  2. 50W from a mobile station is allowed on 467 when talking to a repeater.
  3. A typical usage scenario would be simplex communication between two houses on non-heavily used channels.
  4. When reading the current rules (https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=1934d854137d118c6e9796bfe9d17edd&mc=true&node=pt47.5.95&rgn=div5#se47.5.95_11763) I see the following in 95.1763: So it looks like "fixed stations" may transmit on those channels without talking to a repeater - am I reading this correctly? Further in 95.1767: So I can have a fixed station that transmits on 467 main channels without talking to a repeater with up to 15W of power yes?
  5. The review for the GMRS-V1 has since then been pulled off of the site and all traces of its existence have disappeared. But I think the cat is out of the bag that there will be a part95 certified uv-82.
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