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Found 3 results

  1. Well, after watching many reviews on this radio, I decided to get one, actually two of them. Both radios arrived intact, but oddly enough one (radio) box was moderately damaged, yet the bigger box that the two radios were shipped in was undamaged. I can only surmise that somebody at the dealer packed a damaged, or actually damaged, the one radio box. Enough about that, the radio itself was again, undamaged (Thankfully). Shipping issues aside, my first impression of this radio is "WOW". I have owned many different radios in my days, but this one is extremely nice. So much so, I wanted to see if Wouxun makes a version of this radio for amateur radio (they do!) and I am thinking about it. To be sure, I have not been a fan of Chinese radios, but this one is, IMHO, a standout exception. I dunno, perhaps after the big FCC stink about Chinese radios, Wouxun at least, seems to have their act together on this one. I did do a power output check, but rather than say something stupid that isn't true, I'm going to rerun the test with better equipment before saying anything, as I don't trust the meter I used at the time. Programming is straightforward using either the menu system on the radio or the software. I did however, find some quirks with programming. Some items, such as the programmable function (side) buttons can be changed through the menu system on the radio. However, those changes only seem to take with the PC software. Some did take, but then could not be reverted back to their previous settings via the menu system. Not all the settings to be sure and, it isn't (to me) a big deal as I prefer the PC software to the menu. But it is a quirk just the same IMHO. Additionally, and perhaps it is something with Windows, the PC software only recognizes/lets the user select com port 1, despite having a listing of choices of com port. I don't know if it the software, or yet another Microsoft bug. Nevertheless, this issue was easily overcome by manually changing the assigned com port in windows. All that said, this is a damn good radio for the price! I wanted a 'legal' GMRS radio, but this one's features leave me wishing it could transmit throughout the receiving range! It really is that nice.
  2. Okay, I'm a new GMRS user (WRKS279) in Maple Grove Minnesota. I have a little Wouxun KG-805G. A nice little handheld with 5watts of power. Still, I'm not hearing much as I leave it on scanner mode through the day. Sometimes it stops and I hear a partial conversation (usually Ch 15). But, if I try to call out on that channel...nothing. I just got a Nagoya UT-72 antenna for it, with the adapter to use it with my Wouxun. I just have it sitting near the window inside my little home office. But, I'm still not hearing any activity. Today, I was practicing calling out to see if I could connect with someone. Still nothing. So, I'm wondering...are there just so few people using GMRS? Or, is my reach still so poor I cannot connect with those who do? Thoughts? Do I need to step up my antenna to like a Harvest BC200 mounted outside? Or, would it help to get a 50 watt mobile for my home shack? Would I get more activity with that? I'd like to participate in the Midwest Net, but I don't know if I have equipment that would allow me to connect with the closest midwest repeater (169). Supposedly, the "Metro 4" repeater run out of the University of Minnesota covers out to my area in the suburbs. But, I still don't hear any activity on that repeater channel (RPT 19). Even if I did have connect reach, would I use that repeater to somehow connect with the Midwest net 169? If so, how? Thanks for any help you can give!
  3. Hello; I'm new and shopping for my first GMRS hand held radio. I want this to be dedicated GMRS without the limitations of FRS. What is the max wattage legally allowed to transmit on GMRS and what is a good model hand held?
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