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Found 1 result

  1. We just got our used Vertex VXR-7000U and it works very well. We have PDFs of the manuals, including the programming manual. I'm able to program the repeater fine except for two channels that have the transmit frequency set to "Tx Inh", which I assume means "transmit inhibit." I can enter a frequency but it reverts to "Tx Inh" whenever I go into other menus or save the file. I have tried to read the radio, change the Tx frequency, and then write to the radio with the same results. I am using CE27 version 1.01 under Windows 7 and everything else programs just fine. I tried with the "-d" switch and without. I am concerned that it might be a corrupt codeplug but don't think so as it is only channels 2 and 3. The firmware version is 1.19; the latest. If I can find CE27 version 1.08 (International - not 1.08W USA) it might fix it as perhaps 1.01 is missing the feature? Anyone know how to get Tx frequencies programmed in those two channels?
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