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Found 2 results

  1. Is there a recognized emergency channel for GMRS?
  2. Hello everyone Kind of new here. Joined last fall, was hot and heavy with it but got frustrated because I couldnt figure out how to connect with repeaters. I built a 60 foot tower, ran the LMR400, a 50 watt radio, the works. I can hear a group talking pretty far away from me. Im in a suburb of cincinnati and they are out in Franklin which is going towards Dayton. About a 30-40 minute drive. Anyhow, Ive watched countless videos on youtube, I read a GMRS for dummies book and I still cant make contact. I know its a simple setting issue. I have what I think is the proper plus 5 offset. Heres something thats odd to me. I have the GMRS channels saved in my radio. It doesnt show the frequency numbers on channel mode. When in channel mode why doesnt the settings like the offsets and such operate? They seem to only operate when Im in frequency mode? So when Im in channel I can scan thru all the gmrs channels and when I hear someone, I try to make contact. Nothing! So thats when I noticed that my offset wasnt working. I learned that only in frequency mode does the offset work. So I dial in the correct frequency to match that particular channel and 1st- it doesnt seem to be as clear but 2nd- I still cant make contact. The people just keep talking over me while I try to chime in. Can someone please help! What am I doing wrong? thx for any help in advance.
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