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Found 4 results

  1. I have a Wouxun KG-UV8D+ and I'm using CHIRP or the Wouxun software to program it. I just can't seem to get it right. The repeater is 462.6000 - Out PL 110.9 - In DPL 712 What I need to know is what gets entered into each column in CHIRP. I don't understand the column abbreviations.
  2. Hello everyone! I am new to GMRS and just got two BTech GMRS V1 as starter units (one for me and another for my wife). I am attempting to connect to a nearby repeater with the following parameters: 462.650+ 141.3 PL. As listed in myGMRS website, it uses the same PL for TX and Receive. I used CHIRP to program both radios (see attached figure). When I transmit with one unit, and keep the other one on receive at the same frequency, i can hear it is connected, but I cannot hear voice going through... can someone help me find what am I doing wrong? Please advice... thanks in advanced!
  3. So I am new to GMRS and I was just given repeater info for the area, it looks like this: 462.### - TX ###.#, RX ###.# But when I look in CHIRP I see: Under Tone mode there are these options: Tone, TSQL, DTCS, and Cross. Which one do I select? Is the TX the Tone column and RX the ToneSql column? There are lots of options for Cross Mode, do I select something there?In the end, how to I translate the info I got into something I can program into the radio? Thanks for the help!!!! Sam
  4. Hi everyone, Call sign: WRDH829 Tried creating an account but apparently the site isn't seeing my call sign yet. It is new. I received my radios today and getting them set up and have a few questions that I hope someone can help. A little background - my primary reason (excuse to the spousal unit) is to use the radios when we are vending at art festivals. Some of the events we vend at, are in areas with little/no cell coverage and we need to be able to reach each other. 1) A GMRS set up for dummies guide anywhere? 2) Wide FM vs Narrow FM? The radios came preprogrammed with NFM on all channels. Any +/-'s to choosing wide vs narrow? Since the low channel numbers are shared between GMRS and FRS, and FRS is only broadcasting narrow, how does that affect GMRS if I am broadcasting wide? 3) CTCSS and DCS - I don't see any discussion about the why would I choose one over the other? I assume you use these codes so that our radios would stay silent unless they receive the matching code. But is there a reason to select DCS vs CTCSS? 4) Power level for the GMRS channels - any reason not to transmit on the higher power (other than battery life)? Thanks - I appreciate any advice and look forward to joining the group. Fred
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