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Found 4 results

  1. From the album: PACNWComms - Misc Photos

    Stacked Icom mobiles, IC F-1020 on top and IC F-2020 on bottom.

    © WROL355

  2. I ran across this in another forum: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ICOM-Model-IC-F221-UHF-Mobile-Radio/392403020141?hash=item5b5d0ae96d:g:fAcAAOSw0TxdXtti&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId From the info that I have read is that this model can be programmed for GMRS, I have used this radio alot it was in all of our company vehicles and seem to be a good mobile. I'm using a btech gmrs-v1 as of now but looking for something built to be more reliable as I'm on the road every day from site to site. Since I'm new to GMRS any help or suggestions will be much appreciative. Thanks
  3. I have several F21 and F21GM radios. I made a programming change on the channels and now the repeater channels only work on channels 1 and 2 and not on the rest of the other repeater channels. Talk Around works on channels 1 and 2, but not on the rest of the repeater channels. BTW, when I say the repeater channels (3 through 7) are not working, they are acting like talk around and only transmitting on the repeater output. When using the Talk Around button to try to get them back to normal repeater operation, a get a dull tone instead of the tone on channels 1 and 2 when using Talk Around. Really baffled by this. Anyone have a suggestion? The programming for channels 3 to 7 look like they do on 1 and 2. Thanks in advance. Duffy
  4. From the album: Repeaters

    To kick off this gallery, I decided to upload a quick shot of my test rack at my house, even though it's not a GMRS repeater in it at the moment. Repeater is an Icom FR5000 (VHF) outputting 5W into a dummy load. It's connected to a URI for the Allstar link network, and the Dell tower is running the Allstar software. When I have the time I'll add a rackmount power supply, some shelves, and a server so I can eliminate that big ol' desktop.

    © Copyright 2013 Rich Dunajewski.

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