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Found 3 results

  1. Hi folks, I am a member of Howard County REACT, just outside of Baltimore. Our team has been trying to get a repeater on the air for a couple years now with no success. The issues isn't so much funds or equipment, but more so finding a site owner that is willing to donate or give a reduced rate for a site. Not to mention, just trying to make contact with other site owners. There are several repeaters widely spread around us, but they don't reach into the county very well, hence the need for one in our county. I have run into a lot of people that have said they would like to see a repeater put up in our area, but it just seems we can't make the right connections to make it work. We've even approached the county considering the nature of what our REACT does and they were not interested (I'm paraphrasing here, but they said "they already have a ARES/RACES team, we don't need anther radio group" despite my best attempt to explain that the nature of GMRS is entirely different). Is there any advice you guys could give or if you perhaps even know some site owners in the area, could you send them my way? And yes, our REACT team is a 501 c-3 charitable organization. This matters as it would allow for a tax write off.
  2. I came across the North Shore Emergency Association's website recently and found their club history page interesting: nsea.com/nseainfo.htm This link briefly discusses how the "travel tone" of 141.3 Hz and the national calling/emergency frequency of 462.675 MHz came to be. NSEA was one of the very first adopters of GMRS in the early 1970s, then the Class "A" Citizens Band. Here's a quick snippet from the link: NSEA members were instrumental in bringing UHF technology to other public service groups in CB, especially R.E.A.C.T. (Radio Emergency Associated Citizens Teams). Beginning in 1976 key NSEA members spent extensive time meeting with REACT teams in more than a dozen-and-a-half different states, bringing a portable repeater, together with a number of mobile and portable units for field demonstrations...As a result, over 200 personal use repeater systems (all on the same frequency [462.675 MHz]) were set up throughout the United States. In recognition of this trend of explosive growth the Federal Communications Commission formally recognized our frequency [462.675 MHz] as the national emergency and traveler's assistance channel in the Part 95A Rules and Regulations. Pretty cool slice of radio history!
  3. Hello.. So I've seen a few post here regarding groups of users not using their GMRS callsign but instead using a "tactical" or "alias" in place of it. I went to my local REACT and they stated they are covered under their old grandfathered license, could this not be the case for anyone else? I have yet to see it mentioned.. Its just assumed they are in violation, haven't seen anything mentioned regarding the possibility of groups using a grandfathered license. For example, I'll go to Walmart every now and then and play around with the employees on their MURS frequency, I've heard multiple times they have a grandfathered business license, so even though MURS is now unlicensed, they still have "priority" as they have a license..? Am I making sense? Lol.
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