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Baofeng UV-50X3

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Posted 19 March 2019 - 05:23 PM

Ok, to clarify my original request. A GMRS radio, with channels 15 - 22 simplex and duplex (repeater capable). Wide band, above 25 watt on tx.
With the ability to set any tone or no tone on tx and rx.
Still at $ 150 .
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Posted 07 April 2019 - 10:16 AM

I don't know of anybody that champions the use, of Part 97 radios on GMRS. I have however championed the use, of Part 90 radios on GMRS as that service has as strong or stronger specs. Recent changes to the FCC wording state an operator my operate equipment that is certified in another service, part 97 equipment is not certified. Furthermore the FCC has commented about the use of HAM radios on GMRS and will enforce action if one is caught. You can read more below, I am sure others on this site will agree that non certified equipment has no place on GMRS.




They actually have to put in effort to "catch" someone.  They don't have the manpower or resources to perform such actions on a wide scale and would have to wait until someone caused some issues large enough to get reported.  


The problem with that is you're never going to find anyone who is going to be able to tell someone is using a Baofeng on GMRS anyway, at least not with any certainty.  So what's there for the FCC to track down?  


If it takes them the better part of a decade to make a "Move" against well known identified offenders on the HF bands, billy bob and his kids talking on GMRS/MUR/FRS on uncertified equipment. wont' even be a blip on their radar. 


I don't have the UV50X3, but do have a UV50X2 that I use in my Jeep for a mobile radio.  The only gripe I have with it, is IMO it needs a lower power setting.  All it has is low an high with Low being 20 to 25 watts and high being between 65 and 75 watts depending on where you are at on the spectrum, it's marketed as a 50 watt unit by the way.  

A pile of "cheap Chinese radios", BF888s, UV5Rs, UV82s, KGUV8Ds, BFF8HP, UV50X2, and a few "good" radios, Yeasu FT310 (airband/nav), Yeasu FT90R (no longer in mobile service used as a base radio)

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