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6 hours ago, MichaelLAX said:

What's wrong with that?  

Enough.  You have 272 posts on here... do you ever read what others have said?  You certainly can't be that obtuse.

The guy has a for profit business hosting GMRS repeaters that you have to pay a fee to access.  He has a list of at LEAST 20 repeaters on this site through out central and southern Ohio.  Some of them are at tower sites that I can say for a fact he has ZERO access to.  And I have been in them and NO GMRS equipment exists at these sites.

And when I say business, I mean established business with a State of Ohio issued business license, tax ID number and these documents indicate it's a for profit business.  Which if you had read the rules pertaining to GMRS and fee's you would KNOW that's illegal. 

Now, how profitable his business is.  How many actual subscribers he has.  The real number of repeaters he has on the air.  I have zero clue on any of it, and don't care. 

But specifically to the "whats' wrong with that?" question.... it's against the FCC rules.

Using DMR or ANY digital modulation (MDC and other positoning data transmissions are NOT digital modulation) is against the regulations for GMRS.

And since I know someone will disagree, you are allowed short data bursts for ID and GPS location, but they are analog modulation of digital data, not a digital modulation as defined by the emission designation . 


And I am thinking that we need to get this thread back to the original topic of the tower build out.


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16 hours ago, WRKC935 said:



There is SO much to deconstruct here:

Firstly you quote me out of context, then you give a whole fact pattern to "pay to play" that was never previously discussed in this thread, and then quote me again to imply that I agreed with this fraudulent enterprise!

But more disturbing is your Ad Hominem trolling attack on my Metadata on this forum:

Have you ever driven 40 miles north to help a Newbie find a repeater in his area? Basics for a Beginner...

Have you ever driven 120 miles to the south to help a Newbie find a repeater in his area?  Repeater Question

Have you ever donated a box of low-cost Baofeng HTs to a non-profit group that assists the homeless in Atlantic City with its own GMRS repeater?  Non-Profit Help Please

These and other of my activities here take up messaging on this forum and there is no relevance to my number of posts compared to yours...

The fact of the matter is that I couldn't care less what you do with GMRS and your posts on this Forum. It was my mistake to ask you a couple of questions (and YES: the last question was NOT even addressed to YOU; it was addressed to tweiss3!)

So in the future, I will go out of my way to not bump into you here, and I would appreciate your courtesy, Sir, to do likewise!!

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On 9/24/2021 at 11:57 AM, MichaelLAX said:

What's wrong with that?  

Running a GMRS station (a repeater is considered a station) with the intent of selling subscriber access for-profit isn't legal per 97.1705:


(f) Cooperative use of GMRS stations. GMRS licensees may share the use of their stations with other persons eligible in the GMRS, subject to the conditions and limitations in this paragraph.

(1) The GMRS station to be shared must be individually owned by the licensee, jointly owned by the participants and the licensee, leased individually by the licensee, or leased jointly by the participants and the licensee.

(2) The licensee must maintain access to and control over all stations authorized under its license.

(3) A station may be shared only:

(i) Without charge;

(ii) On a non-profit basis, with contributions to capital and operating expenses including the cost of mobile stations and paging receivers prorated equitably among all participants; or

(iii) On a reciprocal basis, i.e., use of one licensee's stations for the use of another licensee's stations without charge for either capital or operating expenses.

(4) All sharing arrangements must be conducted in accordance with a written agreement to be kept as part of the station records.

Charging for using the repeater itself isn't against the rules, but costs collected should only go towards running, purchasing, and maintaining the equipment; it can't be padding someone's pocketbook.

source: https://www.ecfr.gov/current/title-47/chapter-I/subchapter-D/part-95/subpart-E/section-95.1705

Edited by JeepCrawler98
added source.
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20 minutes ago, JeepCrawler98 said:


MichaelLAX said:

What's wrong with that?

Running a GMRS station (a repeater is considered a station) for-profit isn't legal per 97.1705...


I'd appreciate it if you would quote me in context.

As noted below, I was asking what is wrong with a Repeater owner using odd codes/settings for the repeater so that only those users that pay a subscription fee gain access.

This is a common device used by many non-profit repeater groups.

There was no discussion previous to my question that the repeater was being operated for a profit.

Screen Shot 2021-09-26 at 10.06.30 AM.png

That being said, thank you for the citation to the FCC rules prohibiting for-profit repeaters.

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4 minutes ago, JeepCrawler98 said:

I guess that depends on what 935 was initially alluding to, but I'll leave that to you two to figure out.

Nope: I am done with 935 and this thread.

I only "chimed in" again because I felt that your quote of my statement needed to be clarified.

Hopefully no one else will find it important enough to drag me back in here.

thank you and good luck!

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And this folks is what happens when someone asks something that they should KNOW the answer to..... like "if I transmit DMR into an analog repeater, will another DMR user hear me" which should be obviously NO.  And at that point, one would have to assume the other person or people in the thread will assume you know NOTHING of radio and the underlying technology OR you do know and are asking really silly questions to irritate the folks in the thread. 

Then we need to retort by talking about all the effort put forward to further GMRS and it's users.  The TWO HUNDRED dollar a month electric bill, hosting TWO repeaters on the site,,, or the taxes, building upkeep, repeater upkeep, overall mundane site maintenance like mowing the grass.  Na.... I don't do ANYTHING to contribute. Not one damn thing.  And while the two GMRS repeaters are NOT the only radio equipment on the site,,,, the fact its' done for FREE.  Well don't see any effort there.

Whats wrong with subscription fee's??? You're gonna ask ME that.  The guy that has two repeaters that cover 7 counties in Ohio that are free to use by ALL what's wrong with fee's.  Simple, if you can't afford to have a repeater on the air,, take up a limited number of repeater pairs, and think you should be somehow entitled to MONEY for your effort... well screw you.  That's whats WRONG with FEES.  Go spend 48K on a tower site.  1800 a year on taxes.  15K to rehab the site.  Then put a GMRS repeater on the air FOR FREE and support all this out of pocket and then question me about fee's...

I have tried to be nice... I am done with that.  You don't like me... fine... You don't like what I have to say... don't read my posts. 

You want to get on my thread, and ask stupid questions that my WIFE actually laughed at because SHE knew you can't TX DMR into an analog repeater and have it come out the other side as DMR.  NO,,, I am gonna call you out on it.  I brought up post counts because if you were some noob with 5 or 10 posts, the question is relevant and you would be deserving of a real  explanation.  Not the case here.  Oh, BTW,,, she is an accountant.  I am the professional radio guy.  She's just been around it enough to know better. 

Only chimed in... but are done with ME and the thread.  The what the hell are you still posting for?  You said you will stay out of my lane and ask that I stay out of yours.  So I said NOTHING and stayed in my lane.  PAY ATTENTION,,,, YOUR TURN SIGNAL is STILL on from the lane change there bud.  Here you are.... back in my lane.


So at this point... this whole thing has been hijacked.  It needs closed or deleted. 


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So I did talk to a guy in Marion Ohio today on the 675 repeater.  He was mobile, with a 15 watt radio.
So the coverage from the site to the Northwest and North seems pretty good.
I'm in the polaris area and I can hit both of your machines on an ht...sporadically....but I'm not sure if I could hold a conversation there.

Sent from my SM-A125U using Tapatalk

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57 minutes ago, jlwilkers said:

I'm in the polaris area and I can hit both of your machines on an ht...sporadically....but I'm not sure if I could hold a conversation there.

Sent from my SM-A125U using Tapatalk

Have you figured out who I am?


Geeze,,,, I just looked up your ham call.  That's not the one you had when we were all hanging out on the 24 years ago



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Have you figured out who I am?
Geeze,,,, I just looked up your ham call.  That's not the one you had when we were all hanging out on the 24 years ago
Yeah....I know who you are. I actually decoded the cwid of the repeater and looked you up....I assumed the repeater was in Columbus, so I was confused for a moment.

I have the same call I've always had.

Sent from my SM-A125U using Tapatalk

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