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Advice on setting up comms for multiple locations

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Posted 13 January 2021 - 11:18 AM

Hello everyone, I am glad I have found this site.  Newish to radios and have been doing a ton of research the past few days.  

We are looking to set up emergency communications between 5 properties in a roughly 10 mile radius.  I have been looking at the GMRS radios and am trying to decide what the best equipment set up would be to accomplish this.  We are located in Maine where there are hills, mountains, and trees.  I have not been able to find any repeaters in the UHF band in our area.  Everything seems to be just the VHF for police, fire, etc.  Our property is centrally located to the other properties so initially my thought was, like many newbies apparently, set up a repeater at our home for the other 4 properties to connect to.   However I came across Corey's post on building a repeater system and am now reconsidering everything.


I am looking at the Midland MXT-400 mobile radios as well some used UHF Kenwood TK-8102 off ebay.  Both these are around 40watts I believe.  My question is, and I know with GMRS its all about line of sight, If we all had powerful mobile radios with good antennas set up pretty high on our properties, would 10-12 miles be doable?  Most of us are located on the sides of mountains but we have hills/mountains in between us about 250-300' higher than our properties.   I know that without know the precise specifics of the terrain it will be hard for anyone to give a direct answer but any insight would be greatly appreciated.



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