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I had a few false starts also getting into GMRS.  I bought a Slim Jim to use in my apartment that will not work but when SHTF I can probably use it out in the wilderness.  And like wayoverthere said I use my UV-5R for monitoring and scanning so all in all it isn't a total waste.  Knowledge is priceless - any way you can get there.

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I have a new setup here in north central Illinois.  A 50W radio with a J-Pole antenna.  I can receive several repeaters very well and listen to conversations all day long on the one based in Janesville WI.  I have applied for access to the Janesville repeater several times over the past two weeks but have yet to get a response, negative or positive.  I have also applied for access to two other repeaters in my area, Rockford IL and Monroe WI. also with no reply.  Any idea how long the process usually takes?  I have no way of knowing if my transmit even works as I have yet to get any response from anyone on any of the "regular" frequencies.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.




While you can hear them, It doesn't mean they can hear you.  If you are hearing them offer to allow others permission when asked, I would doubt they can hear you.

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