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How Do I delete my Account No Longer Interested In GMRS Any More


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I wasn’t here when this thread started, but I have never been on a forum if this type that offered a way to delete one’s account. I still get “happy birthday” messages from forums I haven’t logged into for literally 10 years. I went through and cleaned up my internet presence a few years ago, and found it frustrating that I couldn’t delete my accounts on forums.

On the other hand, search engines don’t generally return results from that long ago until you get many pages down. And logging in and deleting ancient posts actually would accomplish scrubbing your presence better than deleting the accounts. (I didn’t bother to do that because I wasn’t really showing up that way.)

Anyway, I do think it’s odd that you can’t cancel an account without asking an admin. It must not be a very common ask, though, or admins would be begging for the feature.

Just found myself on a new site! Alumnius.net (Alumni US). They apparently scraped LinkedIn and grabbed people’s college info and profile photo, and made their own directory. Oddly, the LinkedIn listing doesn’t show up among the main results. Oh! Yes it does, on Google. I normally use Duck Duck Go.

If you don’t want yourself popping up all over the place, the most effective way to prevent it is to not be on Facebook. I used to reply with my actual name to a lot of blogs and articles, and that stuff showed up in searches, so I learned not to do that so much! You can actually lock down your privacy pretty well on Facebook these days, but your profile photo is always public. 

Anyway, that’s my 2c and a bit more.

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