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Midland MX115

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On 5/18/2021 at 10:47 PM, mitzvah said:

? On the Anytone AT-779UV (USA version). That maybe the first question. Is my radio a Europe or USA version?

It has channels 1-7, 15-22 and repeater channels 15-22 (like on the Btech GMRS V1), so 30 channels over all. I think after regular channel 22 the next one is channel 15R. 

What is "VFO"?

In order to program the radio with the radios computer program solfware. Do I need a AC to 12 volt DC convertor or can I pull off the radios setting like you would with a scan disk or Seagate storage drive?

Sorry for so many question but the radios Instruction Manual, isn't not a instruction manual and I fine ZERO info on Anytone website or the web.

Congratulations on your purchase and use of the AnyTone AT-779UV (a/k/a Radioddity DB-20G).  I just LOVE mine and am so impressed with its versatility at this price point.

If you purchased in the USA and are using it for GMRS, you most likely purchased the USA version.

There are two modes: Channel and VFO.

In Channel mode, the predetermined channels are available to you (including ones you create with software or by the keyboard).

In VFO mode, you select a frequency and then optionally add CTCSS/DTC PL tones, etc.

Yes, the Radio must be powered up for the computer to "see" it with the AnyTone or Radioddity CPS Software.

The Radioddity "Cheat Sheet" is somewhat more detailed than the AnyTone one:

Here are some Operational Tips, I have assembled: 

Open up the Ham 2 meter and 70 cm bands to transmit on the USA version without using a computer:

1) Turn off the power.  

2) While holding down the V/M button, turn on the power.  Use the Up and Down arrow keys to change from the GMRS setting on the display to 136-174 MHz; 400-470 MHz and now power down.  

3) When you power back up licensed operators can now transmit on the GMRS channels and the 2 meter and 70 cm Ham bands. 

Giving a Channel an alphanumeric name without using a computer:

1) Go to the appropriate Channel

2) Push the FUN button and using the V/M and MAIN buttons to go through the Menu items until you reach Function 29: DSPCHANNEL and using the Up and Down arrow buttons, select NAME. Push the FUN button to exit the Function menu.

3) Push the FUN button and using the V/M and MAIN buttons to go through the Menu items until you reach Function 12: CHANNEL NAME.  Using the Up and Down Arrow buttons, scroll through the list of 1-0, A-Z and a-z to find the first letter.  When you do find it, push the MON button to confirm that character and move to the 2nd position.  Repeat as necessary until up to 8 characters are entered.

4) When finished push the FUN button to exit the Function Mode.

Programming a repeater channel without using a computer:

1) Switch to VFO mode (from Channel Mode) using the V/M key

2) Using the number keys on the mic, enter the repeater's output frequency

3) On the mic, push FUN then 9 repeatedly until the proper split (+ or - or blank for Off) appears above the frequency.

4) Press the FUN key on the Radio and use the V/M and Main keys as an up/down to get to function 10:Offset.  

Use the Up and Down arrow keys to set your offset split, such as 5.00000MHz or 0.60000MHz (you can hold down the Up or Down key to have it continuously change). 

Once you get to the proper offset, push the FUN key again.

5) Press the FUN key on the Radio and go to Function 01:T-CDC and use the Up and Down keys to find the proper transmit PL Tone.  

Use the same method to optionally set the proper receive PL Tone, if necessary, on Function 02:R-CDC (or Function 03: RT-CDC if both tones are the same)

6) You can rotate through High, Medium and Low transmit power using FUN and 0 (zero) on the mic.

7) Save to the first open channel by pushing Fun and UP on the microphone (or then use the UP and DN keys on the mic to scroll through the available channels, with empty ones saying NULL

😎 Save to this channel holding down the "MON-*" key on the mic and you are done!

Use DCS Digital Tones:

Go to desired channel
Press FUN on mic
Press 1 on mic
Go to menu 1 using V/M or Main key on mic
Press number 1 on mic to cycle to 000 N display for menu 1
Use up and down on mic to scroll to code corresponding to desired DCS code. 
List is in the instructions.
Use V/M or Main to go to menu item 2. Repeat selection process
Press DIL on mic to exit.

New Radioddity DB20-G CPS software V2.02
1. Change the default bandwidth from Narrow to Wide.
2. Address the bug that "when repeater TX frequency change, RX frequency automatically match"

Good Operations! 😀


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