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Friendly reminder to those who use eBay, PayPal, Venmo... etc...

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My point was to check with your tax advisor, but now that you mention these facts, I think I was thinking about the Pandemic Unemployment Benefits I received in 2020-2021 from my full time Uber driving pre-Pandemic.

It is unemployment benefits that become taxable depending upon your other income.  Sorry for the confusion!

Nevertheless: check with your tax advisor! 

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SS benefits are non-taxable at all if it is one's only source of income for any year.

If 50% of one's SS plus the gross amount of taxable income earned for any year is LESS THAN the Base Amount for one's filing status then SS is non-taxable.

Legally I'm not even required to file a tax return at all. 🙂

I'm so poor I can't even afford to pay attention!

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