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tip for programming older radios with newer computers using a VM



so i got a trial version of VMware workstation (free vmware player might also work) and found a vm of Windows95 from the link below.   So you can run win95 inside the VM on ANY machine, I'm using Win7 64bit.  I loaded some programming software that is only 16bit and wont run on anything newer than 95/98. I mapped the com ports on the host PC and the VMware software, i enabled com ports and then went into the win95 vm and ran the "software" and told it to use the same "mapped" com port.   Attached to my host PC was a USB adapter (with built in RIB) from ebay under $20 and it worked!   Win95 was able to reach through the VM, and reach the radio!  I was able to program my GR1225 repeater.


windows 95 vmware ready to run image file...



vmware workstation (paid app, tested and works)



free vmware player: (free, should also work, but i didn't test it)



now i can keep all the programming tools and apps together in one file that is portable and I dont need a special "old school" hardware machine.



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Well, seems that works well. I've never tired it in virtual box. One question I have to ask, which version of the 1225 RSS are you running. 3.1 Isn't designed for XP but will run on 32 bit 7 and 4 was specifically designed for XP and I've yet to have a problem with it on XP.


DOSBox works well for all things Kenwood...starts having issues when you try and work it on Motorola and Icom software (but there is plenty of evidence that it will work).

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i'm using the older version, 3.1.   wont run on my xp machine or win7 64 but runs fine inside Win95 VM.


what is DOS Box?  I have some kenwood radios, but i can run the software i got for it on Win7 64bit just fine. so i doubt i need it.

it's essentially a DOS emulator.

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I have a Windows 8 laptop that I use for programming most of my modern radios, but my main laptop is a Macbook Pro... see where the issue is?


I think based off this thread I am going to try installing VMware and installing a Windows 7, XP, 95/DOS VMs within it and see if I can program anything from a Motorola HT1000 up to my Tytera MD-380 over VM. What makes it more interesting is if/how some machines will handle USB passthrough to the VM... that will make the difference of 1) whether the "serial port" shows up at all, and 2) if its an actual passthrough, the VM will have full control over the port... if the VM doesn't have FULL control and shares the resource with the host computer that's a bricked radio waiting to happen.

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