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Melowave Overlander...anyone have one?


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Is anyone using the Melowave Overlander GMRS mobile antenna? 


How do you like it, and how did you mount it?

I was thinking about adding one to my truck, but it looks a little like a bamboo fishing pole painted black.  If others are seeing positive results with these, I may get one, paint it tan and add a red and white bobber hanging off the end as camouflage.  ?

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No, don't have one; seems way overpriced.  BTWR has a Melowave NMO mag mount base with better quality cable.  And they have a 6DB gain stacked 5/8 wave Tram antenna that should fit (no flex tab on antenna like I am used to but seems to mate OK).   I just got both and so far have only tested the SWR (1.1:1) but haven't had time to test transmission or reception yet.

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