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Motorola Radius M 1225, 4 Channel 40 watt UHF Model



I am considering getting 4 to 6 Motorola Radius M 1225 unit, model M34DGC90J2AA




This is the 4 channel 40 Watt UHF model.




I am planning on putting 4 of them in my vehicles, and taking 2 of them and making a repeater out them.




I know I will need a controller, duplexer, and power packs, Unless someone has other ideals.




My current thoughts are, take the radios with duplexer to my local Motorola Shop and have them program the radios for my mobile usage, set up and program the radio as repeater, and tune the duplexer for me.




However, my questions are this:




I cannot get the FCC Site to work to see if they are part 95.




Has anyone had good or bad experience with the radio, for vehicle uses?




Has anyone had good or bad experience with the radio as a repeater?


Is it possible to do with model?




Would I need to have to power turned down so it would have 80% to 100% duty cycle?




If so, what's the power output would it need to be turned down to?


Just so I know what to except.







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They are good radios, I still have a 4 channel new in the box, and a 20 channel I use some. M34 is 25 watts, M44 is 40. They have a hi/lo power option button, and you can select which they start up in. I used to have my mobile start up as 5 watts and then i could switch it to 40 if need be. I have not used any in a repeater config, but I assume they work as good as anything else. You can get a very simple plug and play controller from MRE1032 on Ebay. They have a decent heat sink, you could attach a fan if you want. As a repeater TX you could turn it down a bit, but remember you will lose some in the duplexer so it's a trade off. 

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There are several GR1225 repeaters fully assembled available on eBay, for example this one:



All it would require is programming & duplexer re-tuning. Cable and the CSS software are available with some due diligence. Same cable and CSS will be required for any M 1225 radios you buy anyway. ;)


For the record, this is not my listing! I'm only offering it as an example. You cannot "build your own" for $359...

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A 40W M1225 will not perform a 80% transmit duty. One has to understand the way the PA' are built on Motorola radios…they aren't linear. Once you get too far out of spec they saturate and become unstable (running 10W on a 40W creates just as much heat as 25W).


Secondly, a GR1225 will only perform at a 80% duty IFF you are running it at its lowest speced power level.



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