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New GMRS operating questions

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Hi there, the wife and I recently moved to East Tennessee up in the Chilhowee Mountain. Cell coverage is almost non existent up here and we wanted a way to get a hold of someone if there was an emergency and also have a means of communication when hiking. There are several local repeaters that we can use in order to extend our range a bit, so I bought a Wouxun to use as a GMRS radio. My question is, can I use a non GMRS repeater with just a GMRS license, or am I limited to just the repeaters in the GMRS freq range?


I have been told that there are GMRS repeaters available in the Smoky Mountains (about a mile a way), but all I can find are repeaters in the 145mhz or 444mhz range. So, I was wondering if they are accessible (legally) with a GMRS license?





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I encourage you to get that ham licence it makes for more ways to communicate


The question from the OP was if he could use repeaters outside the GMRS service.


The answer was no. 145 and 440 Mhz repeaters are part of the Amateur radio service, which requires a separate license.


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That's what I figured. Thanks!



I encourage you to get that ham licence it makes for more ways to communicate

That has been on my To-Do list for a while. Now that I have radios I'll go ahead and get my HAM license.





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