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Since I could not find a club in my area. (2022) This is for those that wish to work together and put up a GMRS network for our area.
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Radio meeting
  3. Open to any GMRS / HAM people.
  4. Count me in, Royce. Thanks for arranging it, Jeff
  5. Vibrant Coffeehouse & Kitchen - Google Maps This is open to anyone that is in the area that would like to meet other GMRS minded people and Ham operators that wish to attend.
  6. I’m working on being able to access the repeater.
  7. Hello, Sure it was just 4 of us this first time and went fine. I did make a calendar, for future events. Royce
  8. Just saw this. Hope it went well.
  9. First time to meet some of the people on the Moline repeater.
  10. Feel free to add https://www.facebook.com/AledoRepeaters

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